Hit it Hard


Before we get to the ride I want to share with y’all, I wanted to thank everyone for their emails, comments, prayers, and positive thoughts for Lady and her surgery.  It really meant so much to us!  Lady is currently doing well, and recovering from her surgery.  Each day she is getting more of her “pep” back, because each day Lady is getting back to being bossier and bossier.

In my next post I’ll write in detail about Lady’s tumor, and what any of you who may go through this can expect and what questions to ask your vet.

I wanted to share the ride I put together earlier in the week for my spin class today.  It is an eclectic mix of music.  I kinda hit a few decades of music in this one, but they are such great songs that you just want to workout to and sing along to.  Hope you enjoy this ride!  Happy Spinnin’!

Hit it Hard

Wasted 3:08 & Take Me Home 3:25

  • Warm Up

American Pie 8:38

  • 40 sec standing run on a flat 85-100 RPMs
  • 60 sec 3rd 60-70 RPM

Overload 3:31, Wrapped Up 3:06, Shut Up and Dance 3:19, Honey, I’m Good 3:19, Geronimo 3:38, Closer to Free 3:09

Each position in the following sequence is 20 seconds in length. Repeat 10xs!

  • Seated Climb 60-70 RPM
  • Standing run on your flat or hill
  • Climb in 3rd 60-70 RPM
  • Standing run on your flat or hill
  • Seated Sprint on hill 60-80 RPM
  • Recover

We Didn’t Start the Fire 4:50

  • 1 min Jumps 80-110 RPMs
  • 20 sec seated sprint @ your threshold
  • 10 sec recovery

1979 4:30, You Gotta Be 4:04

  • 40 sec standing run on a hill 70-80 RPMs
  • 60 sec seated climb 60-70 RPMs

Stompa 3:04, Criminal 5:43

  • 1 min heavy hill in 3rd 60-70 RPMs
  • 1 min seated attack on heavy hill. Really push that threshold

Lady’s Surgery


My sweet furbutt Lady is going in for surgery tomorrow.  She is having a massive tumor removed from her back leg.

We noticed a small growth on her back leg a few weeks ago.  She is our senior girl at 8 years young, and has started to grow a few lumps and bumps with her advancing years.  The vets told us not to worry about them unless they continue to grow at a rapid rate.  Well, her new growth continued to grow at a very very rapid rate.  In less than a week it was the size of a ping pong ball, so I immediately got her a vet appointment.  Just in the amount of time I called the vet and her actual appointment the growth grew a little bit bigger than a golf ball.

At the vets they decided to have the tumor removed as soon as possible, and will biopsy it after the removal.

Lady’s tumor has continued to grow, and ruptured last night, so of course I’m beyond nervous and ready for the removal and the results. The vet said not to worry about the tumor rupturing since her surgery is tomorrow.  I would share a picture of her tumor, but it is something out of a horror movie, and I don’t want to make anyone sick.

Lady at Gym

Right now I’m keeping Lady with me at all times, so I can keep an eye on her and her tumor.  So, she is the mascot at the gym today!  I’ve got her doggie bed and water bowl all set up.  I’m pretty sure Lady thinks that the people using the treadmills have lost their minds, since she can’t keep her eyes off of them.  You can just see her thinking, “Why run and not go anywhere?”, or I’m totally wrong and she is wanting to try the treadmill out herself.

Please keep my girl in your thoughts tomorrow when Lady goes in for her surgery.  We are quite nervous and praying the biopsy comes back with no cancer.  This girl has been the leader of our home for so many years, and we want her in charge for more to come.

70, 75, 80


Wanted to get a ride out to y’all before I head south for more aerial yoga training!  Also, sending ya some pre-Valentine’s Day Spinning love!  If you are looking for a fun Valentine’s Day ride to do on your own or with your class, try my Bipolar Valentine ride.  It is a cardio filled ride full of songs about love and songs about love sucking.  I find that playing both sides of the field on Valentine’s Day keeps everyone happy.

This ride is an oldie but a goodie.  I came up with it a couple of years ago for my afternoon spin class.  They all requested 80s songs with cadence holds, and this is what I came up with for them!  This ride is all about picking up your cadence.  There are four loops in this ride.  At the beginning of the loop everyone adds resistance till they are at 70 RPMs.  I tell beginners to add resistance till they are between 70-78 RPMs.  Then, I kindly tell them NOT to touch their resistance, because we are gonna attack these hill and hold our pace.  I also tell everyone that they are gonna love this ride, because it gets easier as you go!  Winking smile

Happy riding!

70, 75, 80

Warm Up

  • Tarzan Boy and Axel F

I’m Free 3:47, Footloose 3:47, Maniac 4:20

  • 1:30 seated 70 RPM
  • 1:30 standing 75 RPM
  • 1:30 hover 80 RPM
  • Repeat

Thunderstruck 4:53

  • Sprints 80-110 RPM

Paradise City 6:46

  • 60 sec seated 70 RPM
  • 60 sec standing 75 RPM
  • 60 sec hover 80 RPM
  • Repeat

Jump 4:04

  • Alternate between standing run and seated 80-110 RPM
  • Or if your really up for some cardio…Jumps!! 80-110 RPM

Nothin But a Good Time 3:45, Cum on Feel the Noize 4:47

  • 45 sec seated 70 RPM
  • 45 sec standing 75 RPM
  • 45 sec hover 80 RPM
  • Repeat

Let’s Go Crazy 4:40

  • Sprints on a Medium or Light hill 70-110 RPM

I Hate Myself for Loving You 4:07

  • 30 sec seated 70 RPM
  • 30 sec standing 75 RPM
  • 30 sec hover 80 RPM
  • Repeat

Holding Out for a Hero 5:50

  • Alternate between standing run and seated

Open Your Heart


February is the month of love!  I’m sure we have Hallmark to thank for that, but I’m all for sharing the love no mater where it originated from.

This month I’m participating in two yoga challenges on Instagram. I’m doing the #LetsGetFlexyin2015 sponsored by AloYoga and the #Open4Love challenge!  What better way to show love than to love your own body to begin with!  I highly encourage you to love your body with some yoga poses each day this month. If you aren’t one for doing a challenge for an extended period, there are a few that are for only half the month. Check these wonderful challenges and me out on Instagram @Andrea_fromfltond!


This is How We Spin


Howdy y’all!!  It is time for a new ride post!  I put together a ride full of all the new hits!  Well, my definition of new hits.  Smile

I’ve been known to be a bit behind on the latest hits.  I once played a song, Uprising by Muse, in class for the first time for a heavy hill with surges, and I told everyone before the song began that I had this totally awesome (yes I said “totally”…It’s my inner surfer coming out) song for our climb.  Right after the song started, one of my regulars kindly pointed out that the song was about 2-3 years old.  I think I lost some of my totally (yup said it again) “hip” factor at that moment.  So, now I make sure I’m more up-to-date on my “newer songs.”

Quick question to all my spinners/cyclists…What are your favorite songs to do Jumps to? I’m putting together a post full of my favorite songs for jumps, and I wanted to add yours in too.  Thank you for your input!

Here is a fun filled Interval ride that will have you sweating and burning calories the whole time!!

This is How We Spin

This is How We Do 3:24 & People Like Us 4:19

  • Warm up

Time of Our Lives 3:49

  • Add that medium hill 70-75 RPMs
  • 15 sec seated
  • 30 sec standing jog
  • 1 min 3rd
  • Repeat but on a heavy hill 60-65 RPMs

Break the Rules 3:24

  • Seated climb 60-80 RPMs
  • Gradually increase cadence through the song

Can’t Hold Us 4:18

  • Standing runs on a light hill 80-100 RPM
  • 30 second run/15 sec recover

Uptown Funk 4:30

  • Standing climb in 3rd 60-80 RPM
  • Gradually increase cadence through the song

Celebrate by Pitbull 3:13

  • 4 count Jumps 80-110 RPM

Outside feat Ellie Goulding 3:47

  • Jumps on a hill 60-80 RPM
  • 15-10 sec rounds

Something Big 2:41

  • Recover 90-100
  • Or a standing flat

Sledgehammer 3:52

  • Seated climb 60-80 RPM
  • Gradually increase cadence through the song

Geronimo 3:38

  • Standing runs on a light hill 80-100 RPM
  • 30-45 sec run/10-15 sec recover

Something New 4:09

  • Standing climb in 3rd 60-80 RPM
  • Gradually increase cadence through the song

Shake it Off 3:41

  • 4 count Jumps 80-110 RPM

Break Free 3:35

  • Jumps on a hill 60-80 RPM

Just Amazing!


I’ve begun my 200 RYT Aerial Yoga certification!!  My trip down to CircuSoul in Florida for the beginning of my training was amazing!


I was in heaven from the time my flight took off!  I had to share this picture with you of the two empty seats next to me on the flight down to Orlando.  That’s right!!  I had the whole row to myself!!  Woo Hoo!!  Never has this happened to me before.  Our flight didn’t have very many passengers, so many of us were spread out and really enjoying our flight!  I even got to finally watch Maleficent during the flight down.  Totally loved that movie too!


Once I arrived I headed over to my favorite mall in Orlando, Mall at Millennia, and did some shopping!  Ya know…a few more workout pants and tops.  A fitness instructor is always in need of these…At least that’s what I tell my husband.  The credit card company just calls him and tells him I’m at it again.


I was up early Saturday morning and ready to begin my Level1 aerial yoga at CircuSoul.  Not to mention I was excited to finally meet Kerry Tice in person.  We have talked on the phone quite a bit over the years, but never talked in person.  In person Kerry is an amazing instructor/teacher/trainer, and is beyond dedicated to aerial yoga as a practice.

The beginning of our training (Level 1) focuses on teaching you a lot about aerial yoga with emphasis on safety and postures.

Level 1 Training includes:

  • Flying Yoga A series
  • Fundamentals of Aerial Yoga
  • Safety
  • Rigging
  • Inversions
  • Spotting
  • Sequencing I
  • Flying Yoga C Series
  • Fundamentals of Flying Yin Yoga
  • Yin
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Tricks & Flips

This YouTube video is a quick snip of Flying Yoga A.

Both days we began our day with an amazing aerial yoga class that both stretched and strengthened my body.


Our beginning warm up flow had us flowing between cat and cow with one leg extended in the hammock.


We did several flows using the hammock.  My favorite being a basic Warrior flow moving you from Warrior II, to Reverse Warrior, back to Warrior II, and then into extended side angle.  This is all done with one leg resting in the hammock.  It felt amazing!  I’m the one on the yellow yoga mat, using the green hammock, and wearing the blue tank top.



Then, it was on to working on inversions!  Sorry there are not more inversion pictures from the training.  We were just so busy the whole time.

IMG954793The best part is when you get to “cocoon” in your hammock at the beginning and end of class in Shavasana.  Sadly I’m always one of “those people” who always get up right at the end of a yoga class and barely spend any time in Shavasana.  Well, with aerial yoga that has changed a ton.  Even in my hammock at home I have a hard time willing myself to come out of Shavasana.  You feel so safe and relaxed in your hammock.

After our morning classes on each day we began to break down the poses we learned and are learning in Flying Yoga A.  Then, we would break for lunch.  After lunch we came back and went over the anatomy and how it applies to aerial yoga with Dr. Britt.  For our first two days of training we went over the structure and make of our bones, the pelvis, psoas, and shoulders.  Dr. Britt was and amazing anatomy teacher, and has us all engaged in the muscle and bone structure.  I’m looking forward to learning from in her in our future trainings!


Here we are discovering our iliopsoas and its length by monitoring our ischial tuberosities for movement as the leg extends! It was such an exciting and informative weekend!

After our anatomy lesson it was on to practice teaching with others in our class.  I’m one of those dorky people who love the practice teaching parts of our certifications.  Since I’m a perfectionist when it comes to instruction, I want to make sure I’m cueing correctly and correctly fixing any form issues that may arise during class.

All in all it was an amazing beginning of our training.  I’m looking forward to our next weekend of training in February!

New Year New Beginnings

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope your new year is starting out with smiles and fun!  My new year has started out with some fun new beginnings!  I’m now teaching spinning at SOS Image in Minot!  What happened at the YMCA got around Minot in less than an hour after it happened.  I had several job offers from other gyms before the day was out.  All of them were amazing offers, and I was beyond flattered to know I was a valued instructor.


Sara, owner, at SOS Image called me and asked if I would like to come to her gym and start a spinning program there along with aerial yoga classes which would begin in the summer.  Of course I jumped at this opportunity!  I’ve been dying to teach aerial yoga.  (click here to check out just some of my aerial yoga adventures.)  It was like one door closed for me and a whole entire garage door opened!  I couldn’t be more thankful.  Within the week Sara had ordered 11 bikes, and I was back to teaching spin in December!  I have 6 classes each week with 1 Saturday class each month.  We will be adding more spin classes on as we add on more instructors.  For now, check out our monthly schedule here.


We are riding on the Spinner Pro+ bikes.  We are also using the Star Trac group cycle computers.

Holiday Ride

I’m loving my new adventure at SOS Image!  Some of my amazing friends came over to take my classes at SOS and I have a new set of regulars that are already hooked on spinning and the awesome workout you get!


Now for a new spin ride for y’all!

I’m heading to Florida for the weekend to work on more aerial yoga training at CircuSoul!  I already have one certification in aerial yoga, but I want a full 200 RYT Yoga Alliance approved aerial yoga certificate.  Kerry at Circusoul has put an amazing 200 hour aerial program together.  I got to know Kerry over 2 years ago when I first really got into aerial yoga, and I finally have the excuse/chance to train with him!

Sara will be subbing my Friday classes.  I put together this ride for her to teach, and I wanted to share it with y’all.  There isn’t a playlist to go with it, because I know Sara will want to choose her own music.  She is totally hooked on the 90s just like me, so my guess is it will be an awesome 90s rockin’ playlist.  I’ll get her playlist for ya when she puts it together.

I get a lot of emails about my rides and questions about breaking down how I teach and cue my classes.  When I typed up this ride, I added more details to it.  Keep sending me your questions if you have them!

Enjoy your ride!

Sara’s First Ride!!


  • My warmups are always 2 songs in length
  • Make sure you remind all the riders that this is THEIR RIDE, and to please do what you can do. Here is what else I usually say: “If you need to sit at any time please sit. If the resistance is too much for you please take some off. I’m just here to guide you on your ride, and help you get a great workout. I don’t expect you to do everything I’m doing or what others are doing. This is YOUR RIDE! So let’s ride and have some fun!”
  • The first song is usually 3-3:30
    • Stay seated and warm those legs up 90-100 RPMS
  • For the second song I choose a song that is about 4-4:30 in length.  I have everyone alternating between standing and 3rd on a standing flat
    • For beginners I ask them to work between 70-75 RPMs on their standing flat
    • For intermediate I ask them to work between 75-80 RPMs on their standing flat
    • For advanced I ask them to work 80+ RPMs on their standing flat

Section 1:

  • 1 min Climb in 3rd medium hill 70-75 RPMs
  • 15 sec Seated Sprint 2x (take 15 sec to recover between sprints)
  • 1 min Climb in 3rd heavy hill 60-70 RPMs
  • 15 sec Seated Sprint 2x (take 15 sec to recover between sprints)
  • 1 min Climb in 3rd medium hill 70-75 RPMs
  • 15 sec Seated Sprint 2

Section 2:

For this section you will again be working on a medium hill. Beginners add resistance till you are at 75 RPMs. Advanced and Intermediate riders add resistance till you are at 70 RPMs.

Note: When they are sprinting if they can go over 100 RPMs they need to ADD more resistance.

  • 15 sec standing climb in 3rd
  • 45 sec seated climb
  • 15 sec sprint
  • Repeat
  • 30 sec standing climb in 3rd
  • 30 sec seated climb
  • 15 sec sprint
  • Repeat
  • 45 sec standing climb in 3rd
  • 15 sec seated climb
  • 15 sec sprint
  • Repeat
  • Take a 1-1:30 recovery
  • 60 sec standing climb in 3rd
  • 15 sprint
  • Repeat 3x
  • Take a 1 min recovery
  • 45 standing climb in 3rd
  • 15 sec seated
  • 15 sec sprint
  • Repeat
  • 30 sec standing climb in 3rd
  • 30 sec seated climb
  • 15 sec sprint
  • Repeat
  • 15 sec standing climb in 3rd
  • 45 sec seated climb
  • 60 sec sprint/run
  • Repeat


  • Seated 90-110 RPMs

Section 3:

For this section you will be doing a loop. For each round of the loop you will progress up a hill. For the first round you will be on a light hill. Everyone begins by adding resistance till they are at 80 RPMs. On the second time though I have Advanced and Intermediate at 70 RPMs with Beginners 75 RPMs. For your final round of the loop Advanced and Intermediate at 60 RPMs with Beginners 65-68 RPMs

  • 20 sec seated climb
  • 20 sec standing run
  • 20 sec climb in 3rd
  • 20 sec sprint in 3rd
  • 20 sec seated climb
  • 20 sec seated sprints
  • Repeat on a medium and then heavy hill

Cool Down