Back to Basics

Workout Wednesday 2

Well, I’ve finally had some time to type up a fun basic workout for the beginner.  Lately I have been working with a group of beginners to the fitness world.  They have been enthusiastic and very motivated, and I’m beyond proud of them!

Below is a great circuit workout that will introduce you to basic plyo and weighted moves.

Complete each circuit 2-3 times before moving on to the two individual exercises, and then on to the next circuit.  Feel free to end you workout with some abdominal work!


Back to Basics Circuit

Birthday Ride!

This month has been a ton of fun in my spinning classes.  We have been celebrating birthdays nonstop!  I always ask my classes what music they want to hear and play their suggestions, but for birthdays I make a ride just for that person with their favorite songs.


Yesterday was Lindsey’s birthday, and we celebrated!  I made my homemade cannoli’s for her and the class…Don’t worry.  We burned those calories off during the ride.  Plus you have to kick back and enjoy some goodies every now and then.  Especially when it is your birthday!

For this ride I “lightened” things up a bit.  We spent most of our time working on a light hill.  A lot of times we forget that a light hill can still really work us out, and I wanted to get back to some of the basics too.  I have the “Pop Danthology” song in the Fun Burn ride post.

Lindsey’s B-Day Ride

Footloose 3:47 & I Think We’re Alone Now 3:47

· Warm Up

Pop Danthology 8:01

· 1 min Seated Flat 80-110 RPM

· 1 min Standing Flat

Jack and Dianne 4:11

· Seated Climb 70-80 RPM

· Increase resistance every 15 sec until medium hill and continue into next song

Chocolate 3:47

· Standing Climb 60-80 RPM

· Increase resistance to heavy hill and climb

Ain’t Going Down 4:33

· 30 sec Seated Flat 80-110 RPM

· 1 min Jumps

· Repeat

Neon Lights 3:53

· Seated Climb 70-80 RPM

· Increase resistance every 15 sec for the first minute and continue into next song

Happy 3:53

· Standing Climb 70-80 RPM

· Increase resistance and power to the top of the hill

Cups 2:09

· Seated Flat/Recover

Girls Just Want to Have Fun 3:58

· 15 sec Seated Flat 80-110 RPM

· 15 sec Standing Flat

Devil Went Down to Georgia 3:36

· 30 sec Standing Flat 80-110 RPM

· 30 sec Seated Flat…Maintain your intensity/pace back in the saddle

Sweet Home Alabama 4:45

· 45 sec Standing Flat 80-110 RPM

· 45 sec Seated Flat

Whip It 2:41

· 1 min Standing Flat 80-110 RPM

· 1 min Seated Flat

· Sprint to the finish!!

Disco Ride!

I had a request for an all 70’s Disco ride from one of my regulars, and I totally loved the idea.  After I compiled all the essential 70’s music I owned onto one play list; I discovered I had a two hour ride.  It took my 30 minutes to par down the list and form a 60 minute ride.  You may see a 70’s Ride Part 2 in the future!

We had a blast singing along to all the songs, and breaking out some of our crazy disco arm movements when we could. 

70’s Ride

Play That Funky Music 5:00

· Warm Up

The Hustle 4:10

· 30 sec each leg/focus drills

You Should Be Dancing 4:18

· 30 sec Seated 80-100 RPM

· 30 sec Standing

· Repeat and add resistance and increase cadence

Boogie Oogie Oogie 5:38

· Standing Climb 60-80 RPM

· Increase cadence OR resistance each min

Shining Star 2:51

· Seated Flat/Recover

Forget Me Nots 4:05

· Seated Climb 60-80 RPM

· Start on Med hill…increase cadence each min

Stayin Alive 4:45

· 45 sec heavy hover 60-80 RPM

· 15 sec standing run

· 1 min flat

· Repeat

Jungle Boogie 3:05

· Seated Flat

Black Betty 3:58

· Sprints on Chorus 80-110 RPM

Dancing Queen 3:45

· Standing Climb 60-80 RPM

Y.M.C.A. 3:45

· Sprints on hill (light or medium)

· Alternate between 3rd and Standing

Night Fever 3:33

· Cool Down or “Do What You Want”

A Fun Burn Ride

I really must apologize for the lack of posts.  Life in general has been beyond busy, so I haven’t been able to really “blog” the way I would like to.  However, I still will keep the ride profiles coming for all you spinners/cyclist out there, and occasionally insert an update, recipe, workout, or all the above!!

This is a ride that will really appeal to your more advanced riders since they are ready for longer working periods.  I called it “8 Minute Fun Burn”, because every other song is around 8 minutes in length.  I got the Pop Danthology song from YouTube and converted it.  I’ve inserted the video below of the song.  San Francisco Dreamin’ is by Benny Benassi.  Happy Riding!

8 Minute Fun Burn

The Other Side 3:47 & Feel This Moment 3:50

· Warm Up

Pop Danthology 2012 8:01

· 30 sec Sprint (choose your hill wisely Smile)

· 30 sec Stand/Recovery

Play Hard 5:15

· 15 sec Jumps 60-80 RPM (pick up pace when seated/steady climb when standing)

C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train) 7:31

· Cadence Building/Power Surges 80-110 RPM

o Increase Cadence every 15 sec for 45 sec and repeat

Wanted 2:08

· Recovery Song

CB Mix 8:54

· 30 sec Standing Climb 60-80 RPM

· 30 sec Seated Sprint on Light Hill

Two Princes 4:17

· Jumps on Hill 60-80 RPM

San Francisco Dreamin’ 9:09

· 40 sec Hover 60-80 RPM

· 20 Sec standing run on flat or light hill

Christmas Ride Time

Christmas Riders

Well, it is that time of year again.  Time to break out the holiday music and do our annual Christmas Ride for my Spinning classes.  I always ask everyone what Christmas music they want, and this year there is a Bieber song that was requested.  So, for all you Bieber fans out there you can get your fix with this ride.  However, if you are like me and avoid his music…Pop in those earplugs for 4 minutes and 43 seconds.  :-)Door Prizes


I have all the door prizes set to go for the lucky riders who come for the holiday rides!  I think I have about 35 door prizes or more, and they are all totally awesome!!  I also have glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces for everyone too!

Here is the ride we will be doing in my 60 minute Spin classes!!

Christmas Ride

The Polar Express 3:23 Tom Hanks

  • Warm up

Christmas All Over Again 4:15 Tom Petty

  • Standing run on flat 75-90 RPM
  • ·Hover

Deck the Halls (workout mix) 4:55

  • Standing light hill 80 RPM
  • Seated 80-110 RPM

Drummer Boy (feat. Busta Rhymes) 3:45 Justin Bieber 4:43

  • Seated or Hover climb 60-80 RPM

Run Rudolph Run 2:41 Phineas and Ferb Holiday Favorites

  • Jumps
  • 4 count

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 3:29 Barenaked Ladies

  • Seated heavy hill 60-70 RPM

Rockin’ On Top of the World 2:35 Steven Tyler

  • Jumps
  • 4 count

The Christmas Song (Holiday Remix) 4:01 Christina Aguilera

  • Seated Climb 60-80 RPM
  • Standing Climb 60-80 RPM

Jingle Bells (Ricky Workout Remix @ 128 BPM) 4:53

  • Sprints on a hill 60-80 RPM

All I want for Christmas is you 4:01 Mariah Carey

  • Flat

Nutrocker 4:06

  • Standing Climb 60-80 RPM
  • Attack this hill with a series of accelerations

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, A Mad Russian’s Christmas (Instrumental) 4:42

  • Tabata

We Wish You a Merry christmas (workout mix) 4:43 Db Sound

  • Flat 80-110 RPM
  • Ride strong to the finish!!

Cool Down

  • O Tannenbaum 5:09 Colin Bailey/Monty Budwig/Vince
  • White Christmas 3:04 Bing Crosby
  • Winter Wonderland / Silver Bells / White Christmas 5:31 The Carpenters
  • You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch 5:15 Thrul Ravenscroft

And the Snow Begins

First snow 2013

Well, winter is here.  Thankfully we have a few days of temps in the 50s coming our way soon, so I won’t totally flip out about the snow on the ground this morning.  As you can see in the picture above, I need more time to get all my EarthBoxes and flower pots cleaned out and put away for winter.  Not to mention all the deck furniture.  I just need mother nature to give me one good day of sunny nice weather.

In the meantime, I’m keeping warm making my Crock Pot Loaded Potato Soup and Funeral Sandwiches (recipe to come soon!) for our company that is in town visiting and hunting.


Here is a new Spinning profile/ride to help keep you warm!  This ride has become a favorite of my advanced classes.  I came up with it last month.  It is a loop ride that adds time on to each loop.  Have a fun ride!

Loop Time!

Cruise & Need Your Love

· Warm Up

Baby Got Back 4:23, What is Love 4:31, Whoomp! 3:45

  • 30 sec Seated 80-100 RPM
  • 30 sec Standing light hill
  • 30 sec Heavy Hover
  • 30 sec Standing heavy sprint
  • 30 sec flat
  • Repeat 2 more times adding on 30 sec each time

Hey Gold Member 2:44

  • Flat

Heaven Nor Hell 5:23

  • Standing Sprints

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See 3:04

  • Flat

Play Hard 5:12 & That Power 4:40

  • 2 min Seated 80-100 RPM
  • 2 min Standing light hill
  • 2 min Heavy Hover
  • 2 min of Sprints Seated on hill
  • Flat

Can’t Stop Me 6:22

  • Sprints on a Hill between 3rd and seated 60-80 RPM

Fell Down a Hole 5:03

  • Standing and Hover

Sing Along Ride

I love it when everyone starts to really get into the rides and sings along, so I wanted to come up with a ride that had some great “classic” songs that everyone knew and could sing too!  Here is the 60 min ride I came up with!

Sing Along Ride

Brown Eyed Girl & Walk Like an Egyptian

  • Warm-up

Baby One More Time – Brittany Spears 3:30

  • Jumps

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd 4:43

  • Hill seated (cadence work – class picks their own cadence & resistance & stick to it entire song)

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen 5:55

  • rolling hill (rolling hill – in & out of saddle climb)

We Built This City – Starship 4:56

  • standing climb
    very heavy hill – up out of saddle hand position 3

Love Shack – B52s 5:20

  • rolling hill
    ending seated flat with resistance level suitable to sprint

Devil Went Down to Georgia – Charlie Daniels

  • 20 sec sprints

My Sharona – The Knack 4:55

  • Jumps

Mr. Jones – Counting Crows 4:32

  • no bounce/isolations

Good Time 3:26

  • Standing run