Pastries, Breads, Cookies…Oh My!!



I got the most wonderful news yesterday via Facebook…Minot, ND now has a Patisserie!  Sweet and Flour Patisserie just opened up 3 months ago, and I am beyond excited! 

While living in Florida our town had a wonderful bakery, Sunrise Bread Company.  I loved going there to get the most amazing breads and scones.  Since moving to ND I have had to bake everything myself (it can get time consuming), because I’m not in the mood to buy breads and other baked items full of corn syrup and other chemicals.  Not to mention I’ve gained a few pounds in my butt due to having to bake batches of scones and cookies instead of buying just one or two.  Seriously, I should just glue the buggers to my butt rather than eat them…they are just going to land there anyway.

Well, after reading about Sweet and Flour Patisserie on Facebook I decided I was going to head on down there after the gym today.  Sure enough there is a bakery in Minot, ND, and oh my gosh is it beyond good!!  There are scones, cookies, cupcakes, breads, baguettes, focaccia, pastries, and more.  They also have a wonderful lunch menu!  I was truly in heaven upon entering their shop.

As you can see from the picture above, some of the baked goods actually made the hour drive home!  I’m looking forward to slicing up some of the honey whole wheat bread to go with the crock pot potato soup I’m making for tonight (recipe for soup to come later).  The tomato focaccia will make for wonderful sandwiches.

If you live within driving distance of Minot, ND I highly suggest you head on down to Sweet and Flour Patisserie have lunch, and stock up on some wonderful baked goods.  You will not regret it.  This place has literally saved my butt (from growing and time spent baking), and I know they will save yours too! 

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