Birds…and Hank Loosing His Mind!


For the past few weeks Hank has been under one of our apple trees standing on his hind legs for most of the day.  The poor boy is loosing his mind because a dove has built a nest, laid eggs, and is on said eggs all day, and this nest is on the lowest branch of the apple tree.  So, Hank is now on constant bird patrol all day under the apple tree.  I have the hardest time getting him to come into the house.  Hank wouldn’t even come to me while I was holding a handful of treats out to him.

Then, one day Hank decided he had to get closer to the dove.  I was inside doing dishes when I heard a huge commotion in the tree outside along with Hank whining, so I ran outside as fast as I could to see what was happening.  When I get to the tree I discover my bird dog in the tree!!!  Hank had actually climbed into the tree and worked his way out onto part of the lower branch of the apple tree.  Well, you can imagine my fear and disbelief that Hank had gotten himself stuck in a tree.  Thankfully the branch he was on was close enough to the ground for me to lift him off of it.  I think Hank has learned his lesson when it comes to climbing trees to go after birds, and I’m looking forward to the day that this bird and her future babies leave the nest!

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