Stability Ball Circuit Workout

This morning my little man is sick with a fever, so I hung out with him down stairs and did my workout while he was on the couch watching Madagascar 3.  I must say that I laughed quite a bit at the movie while working out, and it made it even harder for me to keep my balance.

Stability Balls/Swiss Balls are great for exercising and a must for any home gym!  What is so great about them is that they work your core muscles the whole time and make any exercise more challenging.  Stability Balls also help you strengthen your spinal stability, increase muscle usage, and improve balance.  How could you ever go wrong incorporating a stability ball into your workouts?

Each exercise in this circuit workout is done with a stability ball.  If you are not sure how to do each exercise that is not a problem.  Below are links that will show you how to do each exercise.

Stability Ball Workout

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