Pre-Halloween Workout

I’m so excited for today!!!!  This morning I taught my Pre-Halloween Spinning class at the Y.  I love Halloween, and everything that goes with it!  This year my class does not fall on the day of Halloween…will that stop me from getting my Halloween cycle party on?  I think not!!  So, we did a Pre-Halloween ride instead.  I put together a fun ride and a ton of goodies to go along with it.  Did I mention that everyone got glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces!?!  Oh…and there were door prizes too!

Halloween Spin 3

I broke out my LED light up tutu for the class too!!  By the way…That skeleton really wanted a kiss!


The door prizes were a bit on the unhealthy side, but it is Halloween.  Sometimes you just gotta let go!  However, there were some door prizes that did not involve sugar to choose from tooSmile.


We had a great ride too!  It was a bit different.  I used theme songs from Halloween type sitcoms for our recoveries.  Everyone was singing along before long!

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