Getting Organized and a Full Body Workout

It is time for me to get better organized!  I’m actually an organize freak, but when it comes to workout routines I come up with while I’m at the gym things are a little different.  I’ll write what I do down on a sheet of paper, and then shove it in a folder or in a file bin (in no order).  Then, I will proceed to pile more papers and workouts on top of that.

Well, I decided to spend part of this week getting everything in order and in 3-ring binders with page protectors.  A lot of my stuff got shoved into a box once we moved to North Dakota and I was no longer going to a gym.  I feel like I’m making new discoveries while organizing everything.

During my organizing rampage, I came across so many workouts that I loved to do at our gym in Florida.  One in particular was a favorite of mine.  I was so excited to come across it!  It will be my workout for Saturday morning!


This workout will have you finding those muscles you didn’t know you had and burning those calories off from you Halloween candy in no time!  Make sure you do some cardio before or after this workout too!  I taught my 30 minute spinning class, but this 30 Minute Treadmill Interval would go great with this weight workout.

Below are examples you can view if you are not sure of how to do a certain exercise and a readable version of this workout!

Find Your Muscles Workout

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