Let’s Talk Snow

Well, it finally came.  Our first blizzard of the year!  In one night we got about a foot of the white stuff. I didn’t even bother to get up to look outside as soon as I woke up to see how much we got.  I was too afraid of what I might see.  Instead, I grabbed my Blackberry and got on Facebook.  There it was…A post from my wonderful and thoughtful friend, Melissa, on my wall.  What you may ask did she post?  Well, she was kind enough to post a link to the “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” song on my wall page.  Dear sweet Melissa knows how much I truly hate the snow and was thoughtful enough to share her love for the white stuff.  I still got a really good laugh out of it, and that is what I needed.  After seeing her post, I knew there would be a lot of snow on the ground.  So, the dogs and I got our butts out of bed.  Apparently I was not moving fast enough for Hank and Tilly, because they started doing their little happy dances while I was trying to put socks on.  They were all excited about the new fresh snow to romp and play in, and boy was there a lot of snow to play in!

You would think that all this snow would deter my husband and his friend from hunting at 7 am that morning, but it didn’t.  They told us that they “had to” go since it will be the last chance they get to hunt ducks this year since all the water will be frozen over after that day.  To top it off both men were crazy enough to drive on roads that were covered in over 8 inches of snow just to shoot some ducks.  Thankfully they didn’t have any problems and had a great hunt!


As for me, well I decided to shovel our long driveway for my workout.  I was sweatin’ in no time.  Talk about a good core, arm, and leg workout!


After shoveling snow, my son and his friend had a ball playing in the snow and riding in a sled while being pulled around by our friend’s four-wheeler.  For as much as I hate this white stuff on the ground, it is a ton of fun to see my son laughing and playing in it.  Afterwards they came into our friend’s house all pink cheeked and ready for some hot chocolate to warm up with.

On to a workout…I forgot to post this elliptical workout earlier in the week when I did it.  SorrySad smile.  This is a 20 minute workout, and is one butt busting hill.  It will tone up that bootie!
20 Minute Elliptical Intervals

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