Pre-Turkey Workout

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and with that comes a ton of food!  I just read a study that said the average American will consume 1 stick of butter on Thanksgiving (the amount of butter in the cooked food and added as a condiment).  How crazy is that!?!  Try to keep this in mind tomorrow, and when you are eating leftovers too!  Here is a chart of the amount of calories in one Thanksgiving meal and the exercises to burn it off.  My friend, Katie, found this, and I thought it was pretty neat.

Also, try to do a workout on Thanksgiving too!  I’ll be teaching a 60 minute “Burn the Bird” spinning class at our gym.  There are also a lot of 5Ks going on around the country on Thanksgiving too.  Get a group of friends together and go to one!  Don’t worry about not running it…just go do it!  You will be surprised at all the walkers out there doing 5Ks!

If you cannot get out of the house to workout, check out some of the workouts I have created that you can do at home on my Workouts page.  I also have a treadmill  and elliptical workouts page with great intervals that will make your time on these machines fly by!

Here is a new 30 minute Elliptical Workout that will really get those muscles burning!
30 Minute Elliptical Burn

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