A Friend in Need

Injuries from running and/or training suck!  We have all been there, and we all pissed and moaned our way through our recoveries.  Some of us…myself for example…may choose to attempt to ignore the injury and just keep going.  I did this with a knee injury once and learned my lesson quickly.


My good friend Kim (a distance runner who has already done 3 half marathons!) got some bad news a few weeks ago.  She has two different tears in her meniscus and has to have surgery.  I wish I could go down to Florida and be there for her surgery, because she is quite nervous.  Please send a lot of good and positive thoughts her way…she could really use them.  Also, pray that she stops making her injury worse!  Yesterday she called me up to tell me how she decided to do some squats, “because I had to workout.”  Needless to say she was telling me how much that hurt her.  Did I mention that Kim is a runner too?  Yup, that woman is going to need to be chained down, because I know she is out there still trying to do her cardio.

A quick question for everyone…Has anyone torn their meniscus or knows someone who has?  If so, could you please comment here about it.  Kim would love to learn as much as she can about what they went through before and after their surgery before her own surgery.  Thank you!

Kim asked me to post another upper body workout, so she can do something in the workout department that doesn’t involve her legs.  So, for Kim and anyone else out there with lower body injuries, or if you just want to work your upper bodySmile…Here is an upper body workout to keep you happy and keep your lower body injuries from getting worse.  There is a cardio option for this workout that involves using your lower body (don’t do it KimSmile).  I also have a few other upper body workouts on my workouts page.
Rock That Upper Body

5 thoughts on “A Friend in Need

  1. dezigiroux

    I am a physical therapist so I have some tips for your friend. She can still workout and should workout until her surgery so she has better outcomes and recovers quicker. She just needs to avoid things that put a lot of strain through the knee though. Tell her to try swimming. It’s a great cardio exercise that puts hardly any strain at all through the knee. Also tell her to do a lot of quad sets. Quad sets are just tightening the muscle with the leg straight and holding for 5 seconds, relaxing and repeating. It seems very basic but will keep the muscle working and it will be one of the first things she does after surgery. Tell her to do 10 sets of 10 or as many as she can remember to do through out the day up to surgery and as soon as she is out of surgery. Just try to protect the knee before and after surgery. Going through this once is more then enough for anyone! I hope that helps some!

    1. Suzanne

      Kim-my husband tore his ACL and meniscus and had surgery while we were in college. He had surgery in December and was able to wrestle the next fall. He still plays soccer and just ran his first half two weeks ago. The best advice I can give you after watching everything that he went through is to do the exercises that the PT gives you to do at home but not to push yourself too hard. I have no doubt you will recover quickly and be running another half marathon before we know it!


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