The Last Week…Till January

If you’ve been reading this blog for the past few months, then you know how much I have been loving Tina’s Best Body BootCamp.  I have loved all of our workouts, and I really see quite a difference in my muscle tone and strength.


Tina Reale has came up with a great 8 week workout program! I was lucky enough to have met Tina ages ago, and I can tell you that she is the real deal. Not only is she an amazing trainer she is also an amazing and caring person, and she wants to see everyone succeed.  Did I mention that she is great at kicking my butt!?!

Sadly this upcoming week is our last week of Best Body Bootcamp.  I’m not happy about it ending, but there is another Best Body Bootcamp starting back up on January 7, 2013!!!!  Guess who has already signed up?  Yup that’s right…I have.  I’m totally in love with Tina’s workouts, and I’m already excited about all the new workouts Tina will have for us, and the great shape I’m going to be in!  Registration is currently open till December 31st for the next round of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, and I highly suggest you sign up too.

It is only $25, and you get great workouts for every week!!  Where can you go wrong?  Not only do you get 8 weeks worth of amazing workouts you can do at home…you get huge cash prizes! At the end of the 8 weeks there will be five $1000 cash prizes! Then each week there will be a $100 cash prize! The prizes are determined/based on your consistency and commitment to staying active and achieving personal health and fitness goals of your choosing. This is NOT about who loses the most weight/inches or looks “the best” in progress photos. It IS about staying committed to better choices and habits, challenging yourself, and making a lifestyle change for the better.

Here is an overview of how the program works:

  • Every two weeks, Tina emails everyone in the group new workouts with detailed instructions and links to online videos to watch in case you’re unsure about how to do certain exercises.  Tina also offers modifications of each exercise in case you need an easier version of the exercise or a harder version of the exercise.  About 90% of the workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home using free weights and stability balls.  If it is an exercise that calls for a machine at the gym, Tina gives you an at-home version of the exercise in case you cannot go to the gym.

My advice is for you to sign up today!!  It will be a great post Christmas gift to yourself, that will keep giving for the 2 months to followSmile

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