Frozen Pipes

Sorry for the later post today.  I spent yesterday evening thawing out the pipes that lead to our washer.  Yup that is right!  The pipes going to our washer froze!  Aren’t I just a lucky girl?

Here is the short of it…The pipes that lead to our washer run out in our garage before snaking back into the house.  Since my hubby has been out of town, I got all the laundry caught up (fist pump for me), and then I didn’t have to do any laundry for 4 days.  During these days we have not gotten above 0 degrees.  During that time the pipes froze.  Sadly I discovered this when I desperately needed workout clothes for today to teach in.  Insert swear words here about how cold North Dakota is.  Thankfully, I was able to do a load of laundry at my friend Melissa’s…She is a life saver!

To unfreeze the pipes, I cranked up the heat in the laundry room, pulled out space heaters for in the garage by the pipes, and whipped out my handy blow dryer and got to work.  By 9:30 pm we had thawed pipes!!  I have learned my lesson…Never take a day off of doing laundry.  You never know what can happen!

On to a neat television treadmill workout I came up with at the gym yesterday…

On Thursdays I teach 2 Spinning classes with an hour and a half off between them.  During this time I try to run, jog, walk, and do core work.  Well, since the Australian Open is on right now (I’m a huge tennis fan), I just wanted to park my butt in front of the tv at the gym and watch.  Instead, I hopped on a treadmill and started walking.  I had already run 2 miles around our indoor track and didn’t want to jog anymore, but I knew I needed to.   A plan then formed in my head.  I decided to walk on a hill while Djokovic and Ferrer were playing, and then jog during the commercials.  This worked out pretty well.  And, I was able to act like the crazy fan I am and talk to the players on the tvSmile  Here is a cute printout of this treadmill workout for ya.
Television Treadmill Workout

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