A 1st Anniversary

Real Women Do Burpees T-shirts

We have a winner!!  The winner of the totally awesome “Real Women Do Burpees” Shirt is…..Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem!!!  Christy,  please email me at andreach2@yahoo.com.  I will need your shirt size and what color shirt you would like.  Please make sure you email me before Feb 3, 2013.

I wanted to share a humorous anniversary story from my trip to Target after work yesterday.

As I was checking out, a man, we will call him “Joe” (not his real name), behind me was setting a toaster down on the belt for his purchase along with an anniversary card. We made eye contact, and Joe then proceeded to tell me that this was his 1st anniversary, and the toaster was for his wife. Sadly my more adult/mature side did not kick in. Instead, both the cashier and I bust out giggling, but we did remember to congratulate him. The poor guy looked so confused at this point, so I asked him why he chose the toaster. His response, “Ours broke and my wife really likes her toast every morning, so I figured she would really appreciate it.”

The cashier and I gave each other that “Men” look. Sadly, this is the way most husbands think (heaven knows mine does). Of course, for all I know his wife will love and cherish her new toaster. However, I told Joe he might want to get a back-up gift just incase the toaster doesn’t have her jumping for joy.

At this point Joe asked me what I should get her, and I asked him what she likes. His response…”I don’t know.” Sadly this is not a surprise since my husband is the same way. I went straight for the spa route, and asked Joe if his wife liked massages, manicures, facials, etc. The exclamation of, “Yes! She is always talking about wanting to go to a spa!”, was almost deafening. At this point Joe caught on and decided to get his wife a gift certificate to a spa that she is always telling him she wants to go to.  Guess the poor guy couldn’t take a hint.

Husbands! What can ya do with them!?!

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