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Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring is here…Contrary to what mother nature has dumped in my front yard (5 feet of snow).  I know many of you out there are already enjoying warmer temps and are ready to start getting everything aired out and cleaned out.  It is still winter here, but I am beyond ready to clean things out and get ready for summer too.

I decided to come up with a list of things I needed to clean out and organize.  After thinking and pondering, I came up with 20 different areas of my household to clean.  Now, there is no way I could take a full day, or multiple full days to do all of these things at once.  Therefore, I’ve decided that during the month of April I will complete one task on this list per day.  Since there are only 20 cleaning tasks, I will have 10 “free” days incase I’m too busy to get to a cleaning task.  Feel free to join me in this Spring Cleaning Challenge!
20 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffers

Is anyone else out there sick of the Easter candy?  In our house quite a bit of it ends up in the trash or eaten, and I’m not sure which is worse at this point.  Therefore, this year I’m changing things up for the first time and not putting candy in the Easter eggs.  Yes, I’m biting my nails and nervous about the outcome of this new experiment, but I’m just so sick of the junk and candy each year for each holiday.

This year I am putting Legos in my son’s Easter eggs.  I’m going to put all the pieces from the Lego set pictured above into a bunch of eggs and hide them.  When he wakes up in the morning he’ll find the directions booklet in his Easter basket, and I’ll tell him that he has to find all the eggs in order to put his new Lego set together.  My guess is that he will be really excited about this, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Now, I’m sure I’m not the only mom out there who wants to put something other than candy in their Easter eggs, so here is a list of 20+ items that you can put into your eggs this year.  I actually went up and down the toy isles in Target the other day coming up with this list.  Just make sure you put age appropriate items in your eggs.
20  Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffers

  1. Money
  2. Gift card/certificate
  3. Legos or Lego minifigures
  4. Race car
  5. Bouncy Ball
  6. Play dough
  7. Slime
  8. Silly Putty
  9. Rings
  10. Earrings
  11. Necklace
  12. Temporary tattoos
  13. Lip Gloss
  14. Chapstick
  15. Doll accessories
  16. Barrettes
  17. Stickers
  18. Squinkies
  19. Mini erasers
  20. Small action figures
  21. Glow in the dark stars
  22. Glow in the dark stones
  23. Magic grow capsules

What are you putting in your Easter eggs this year?

Crayon Art

Recently I was talking with some of my friends about what they have been doing during their winter days (we have a lot of them here, and more to come) with their children.  Most of us are on the lookout for fun creative activities to help occupy us and our children.  This got me thinking back to last summer when I was in Florida staying with my friend Kim…

Crayon Project

Picture a beautiful, sunny, 85 degree day.  Perfect weather for playing outside, going for a run, heading to the beach, etc.  Therefore, you would expect us to be outside making the most of such a great day…Wrong!!  Instead, Kim and I decided we wanted to try a craft we saw on Pinterest.  I’m sure many of you have seen the whole “melt the crayons” art work that has been floating around Pinterest.  Well, we gave it a try, and it was a smashing success!  Kim and I were actually way more into it than our son’s were.  Our kids just wanted to play outside and enjoy the weather.

Crayon Art


  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Crayola crayons…you choose the colors you want
  • Canvas frame…choose your own size
  • A hair dryer or embosser…the embosser will work better

Crayon Art

First, choose the crayons you want to use and lay them out on the top of the canvas to make sure they all fit properly.  Then, using the hot glue gun, glue each crayon onto the canvas with the tip of the crayon pointing to the bottom of the canvas.  Once completed, make sure the glue on the crayons has cooled completely before you begin to melt the crayons.
Crayon Art2

Now, using your embosser or hair dryer (make sure you have the dryer set on low, or you will blow melted crayon everywhere) begin heating the crayons.  Make sure you have your canvas tipped at an angle so the melted crayons can flow towards the bottom of the canvas.  I had the dryer pointed at the top end of the crayon in order to melt as much of it as I could.

Once you have finished, keep the canvas propped up until the wax has melted completely.  Then, hang your new art on a wall!!  I highly suggest you give this project a try if you are looking for something fun, easy, cheap, and creative to do!

***Note:  Over half way through our crayon melting, Kim got out her embosser.  We discovered the embosser worked so much better than a hair dryer.  The embosser kept the wax hotter longer, so that it could “flow” down the canvas more.  Not to mention, it didn’t blow the air out as hard as a hair dryer, making it easer to control where the melted crayon flowed.

On the Menu


I haven’t had a chance to add everything up in the points department for all my workouts and bonuses for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge, but here is what my week looked like:

Monday: Shoulders, Jacks, and Abs, 30 minute elliptical workout, 20 min yoga

Tuesday: 120 min spinning class (taught 2 classes) and 30 min run

Wednesday: 1 mile run with my son, 300 Ab Workout, and 60 min yoga

Thursday: 120 min spinning classes (taught 2 classes) and 5 mile run, 20 min yoga and aerial yoga

Friday: 60 and 30 min spinning classes (taught 2 classes), 30 min stretching, 30 min run

Saturday: REST!!

Sunday: 60 min yoga, Full Body Burn

How was your week in the workout department?

menu planning

Monday:  Per my son’s request we are having Spaghetti and chicken.


Tuesday:  Passover starts this day, so I’ll be making my Crock Pot Barbeque Brisket per tradition.

Thursday:  This day has turned into our weekly “breakfast-for-dinner” night, so I’m just going to stick with it for now.  I’m going to make Spinach Quiche Cups, to go along with fruit and yogurt.


Friday:  Thai Spicy Peanut Chicken Enchiladas  from Closet Cooking.  My friend, Andrea, pinned this earlier in the week and it caught my eye.  I’m looking forward to making it as my new “pin” of the week to try.


Weekend:  Crock Pot Indian Spiced Lentils from The Diva-Dish.  I’ve been craving Indian food like crazy lately.  Sadly there are no Indian restaurants anywhere near my home, so I’m going to have to make my own!

A Fun Week

Do you ever find it strange how one week will feel like it lasts for three weeks and another week feels like it flew by in two day?  This week was a total 180 degree difference from the previous week.  Last week was beyond sucky and took forever to end.  This week has been amazing, fun, and flew by.

My favorite day this week had to be Wednesday, because it was a fun filled day with my son.  Wednesday was the first day of his spring break, so he wanted to go to the gym with me to run and swim.  He is a bit of a gym rat like his mom.  It takes us an hour to get to the gym I work at, so we always spend that time talking and I always find that I learn something new from him during our car trips.  For example, I asked my son to tell me something interesting…His response, “Did you know that sardines and sea horses burp?”  See…I can always learn something new from my kid.

St. Baldricks

Once we got to the gym, Web ran upstairs to hit the track to run his St. Baldricks Virtual Race.  He has been beyond excited to run this race for weeks now.   Since my 7 year old kid is now faster than I am, he was kind enough to slow down his pace so mom could keep up with him.  I really could not be prouder of my son.  He is such an amazing kid and athlete, and I’m so glad that he loves running and finds it fun and exciting right now.

Big Time Bistro

After his run and swimming we headed to downtown Minot to Big Time Bistro for lunch with Rita and Devin.  Big Time Bistro has become my new favorite restaurant, and I cannot get enough of this place.  Rita has been telling us how amazing their burgers are, so my son got one of their cheese burgers, and I got my favorite chicken bruschetta sandwich.  Our meals came with fresh made potato chips too!

With our stomachs full  of yummy food, we headed off to Barnes and Noble to look for books.  My son found a neat little book full of weird animal facts which he read to me during our drive home.  I was learning a lot from this new book during our ride, until I discovered I needed to start reading the books my son wants before he buys them. 

Here is what happened…

“Mom, here is one about pigs…A pig’s organism lasts for 30 minutes.  Wait, that doesn’t make any sense.  What do they mean by organism?”  You can only imagine the look on my face as I began to realize that my son pronounced orgasm as organism.  I gave him my standard response when I don’t want to give him a truthful answer, “I don’t know what they meant.  I’ll have to look it up later when I get a chance.”  Thankfully he forgets about me looking things up most of the time.  I had him put the book down till we got home and could read it together.  I’ll leave you with a few interesting animal facts to share with your friends…

  • Some lions mate over 50 times a day. (Real Quickies, They should talk to the pig)
  • A hippos milk is pink
  • Turtles can breath through their butts…My son’s new favorite fact
  • Polar bears are left handed
  • Cattle are the only mammals to pee backwards
  • You are more likely to get attacked by a cow than a shark
  • The animal responsible for the most human deaths worldwide is the mosquito.

Crazy Eights

Yesterday was such a nice day.  The sun was out and that always makes me feel better.  I taught my two spinning classes in the morning and afternoon.  They were unusually small, but I had a great time laughing my way through one of the classes.  It is always nice when you have people in your class that make you laugh and smile through the whole ride.  It really makes my day.


My son only had school for one day this week (lucky little bugger).  He is officially on spring break now, so to celebrate, he asked to take out the Yonanas machine last night and make “fruit yogurt”.  I honestly love our Yonanas machine and have written a post about it before.  All you do is add fruit and push it through the machine, and it comes out like soft serve ice cream.  It is so easy, and my son is the one to always make our Yonanas fruit desserts.  Last night he made us a combination of strawberries, pineapple, mango, and peaches.  I loved it and had seconds without feeling guilty since it was 100% fruit and nothing else.


Today both my son and I are off to the gym.  He is running his St. Baldricks Virtual Race before swimming.  Check out the medal and great swag he all got for this race in the above picture!  After we are done at the gym, we are heading to my new favorite restaurant in Minot, Big Time Bistro with Rita and Devin for lunch.  I’ve been craving their Chicken Bruschetta sandwich since I had it last Friday for lunch.

Workout Wednesday 2

Today’s workout has a fun “8” theme to it.  For each exercise you will do eight 2 count reps, then eight single count reps, and finally eight reps pulsing.  You may feel the burn in your legs today sooner than usual.  Remember to stretch when you are done.
Crazy 8s Leg Workout

Snow Day #2

Shoveling snow

After these last three weeks I firmly believe that it will never stop snowing, and summer will never come.  We have gotten more snow than I have ever seen in my lifetime, and that is the truth.  Friday and Sunday into Monday were truly terrible storms.  I took the above picture yesterday morning while shoveling the driveway, so you could see the amount of snow we got Sunday night.  I must thank my wonderful neighbor who came over with his snow blower and saved me a lot of work.  Is anyone else finding that this is a particularly harsh winter?

We got a butt load of snow on Friday, causing me to get snowed into Minot (I work there and it is an hour from my home).  This is the same day that we had our “girl’s night” out scheduled, and I was cranky.  Rita came to my rescue and set up a girl’s night of our own, and she let me crash at her lovely home for the night.  You are the greatest Rita!

Quite a few of us at the gym were having a bad week (myself included) and we all needed to get out and relax, so Rita called up some of our friends, and we headed out for dinner, drinks, and to see the new Halle Berry movie, The Call.  All of us had such a great time laughing and hanging out at dinner.  As for the movie…Our hearts were beating like we were running a marathon during the whole movie.  I wish I had worn my heart rate monitor just to see how many calories I burned from just watching the movie.  The writers did an excellent job keeping the viewer on the edge of their seats.  I cannot wait for our next girls night out, and we are now planning to have one each month!

Sunday brought our next snow storm.  Thankfully the worst of it didn’t hit till way late at night, so our friends could still come over for dinner.  I’m one of those people who love having company over and feeding them, and for dinner we had tacos…You can never go wrong with a taco night!  I also tried a new homemade Spanish Rice recipe, and it was a big hit.  I suggest you try it too.

snow day

I woke up Monday morning to school cancellations, and I was unable to get to work myself.  As soon as the sun came out my son and I headed outside to work on our snow fort and play in the snow.  I think the snow fort came out pretty well!  There was a long tunnel leading to the main part of the fort which was huge!  My son was able to launch quite a few snowballs at me from the safety of his fort.

I’m headed to the gym this morning to teach my two spinning classes and get in a run.  If your are looking for some workouts, try some of the ones below, or one of my treadmill or elliptical workouts!

  • Shape It Up – Shape up those muscles with this full body workout that uses supersets, with cardio circuits to really burn those calories. You can do this workout at home too!
  • A Freakishly Good Workout – A great leg and upper body workout that will chase your fat away.
  • Stability Ball Circuit Workout #2 – Another fun stability ball workout you can do at home with weights that targets all your muscles!

On the Meal Menu and Workout Menu


I haven’t had a chance to add everything up in the points department for all my workouts and bonuses for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge, but here is what my week looked like:

Monday: 60 min spinning class, Ab-Tastic 30, 20 min stretching

Tuesday: 120 min spinning class (taught 2 classes) and 30 min run

Wednesday: Strong Legs Workout, Beach Abs Pyramid, and 60 min yoga

Thursday: 120 min spinning classes (taught 2 classes) and 5 mile run, 20 min yoga

Friday: 60 and 30 min spinning classes (taught 2 classes), 30 min stretching, 30 min upper body weights with Rita. 

Saturday: REST!!

Sunday: 60 min yoga

How was your week in the workout department?

menu planning

On to this weeks menu…What are you cooking?


Monday:  Rotisserie chicken with roasted root vegetables and Cheesy Zucchini Quinoa from Running to the Kitchen.  The quinoa recipe is my new “pin” to try this week.

Tuesday:  I had the best chicken bruschetta sandwich last Friday, and I’m craving more!  Therefore, Grilled Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken is back on the menu again.


Thursday: Breakfast for dinner!!  Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pancakes from Recipe Girl.

Friday:  Grilling burgers and turkey burgers


Weekend:  Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta with Chicken

Yes!!! It Is FRIDAY!!!

It is here!!!  FRIDAY!!!  I honestly never thought this day would get here this week!!  I’ve been looking forward to it since Monday, and I think everyone I know has felt this week dragging on too.  Of course, I now have a snow storm that might prevent our girl’s night out from happening tonight.  I’m going to hope for the best, but there is a butt load of snow coming down and more on the way.  However, I’m still on my high from my run yesterday, so the snow isn’t dragging me down.

Virtual Bacon 5K

Yesterday was an amazing running day for me!!  I haven’t had a great run in ages, and yesterday’s run is one for the books, especially since I did it on a treadmill.

I finally had some time between my spinning classes I taught to go upstairs and get on a treadmill.  I had my 5K Bacon Challenge to run and my running coach, Jen, wanted me to get in 3 miles, so I hopped on a treadmill after my first Spinning class, cranked up my Ipod (first song “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen…my new fav), and started running.  For once, I had zero distractions at the gym yesterday, and I was able to relax and go into my own little world.  I started thinking about a bunch of different things, and by the time I looked down at the reading on the treadmill I had gone 4.76 miles!!!  I almost fell off the treadmill when I saw this.  I felt like I had barely worked at all, and I was holding a 10:40 pace!!  I kept going, but had to stop at 5 miles to go teach my next Spinning class, and I was really upset that I had to stop running (lately I jump off the treadmill and run as fast as I can from it).

I don’t know where this amazing run came from, but I’m so glad I had it.  As of late, I’ve been thinking about postponing my half marathon until I can really get into it.  After yesterday, I think I’m going to stick with running, and try to keep it positive.

Today I’m teaching 2 Spinning classes and working out upper body with Rita.  I haven’t been able to workout with Rita for a few weeks, so I know I’m going to get my butt handed to me today, and I’m beyond excited to get said butt kicked!

I’ve had several requests at the gym for another walking treadmill workout, so here ya go!!  Remember to stretch when you are done.
30 MInute Walking Treadmill Workout

Upper Body Burn


Is it Friday yet?  I need it to be Friday now for many reasons, but I’m mainly looking forward to a great girls night out my friend, Melissa, has planned for all of us.  I’m in desperate need of some stress relief this week, and a Friday night dinner, movie (Safe Haven), and drinks with the girls is just what I need.  Therefore, I’m counting down to Friday early this week…I started on Monday.

There is some stress relief for me…I got the results back from my main blood screening, and I’m still cancer free!  Wooohooo!  I’m just waiting on a few minor tests that deal with my hormone levels, but I’m not worried about their results.  Yea to good news!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Workout Wednesday 2

Today is an upper body pyramid workout that is broken up into supersets.  You will do 2 exercises per superset while increasing your weights used and decreasing your reps.  For an extra challenge you can do each exercise for 2 counts up and down, and I’m all about the challenges Winking smile.  Remember to stretch when you are done!

What is your Wednesday Workout?
Upper Body Burn