Saturday Shares

Yay!!! Saturday is finally here!  I’m about to head off to work to teach the morning Spinning class and try to get some weights in, but I wanted to share some of my finds with you!


Paula Deen’s Cauliflower Crust Pizza has sparked my curiosity.  I’ve noticed a lot of pins for cauliflower pizza crusts.  Has any one tried this yet, and is it any good?


Coconut-Curry Chickpea Quinoa Pineapple Burgers from Cheeky Kitchen.


Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pancakes from Recipe Girl.  I’m looking forward to trying this recipe soon!


Hi Sugarplum! Has come up with a great detailed way to help you hide all those pesky cords.


Here is a sweat inducing workout from Fit Running Mama.  Go to her site to check out the rest of this 30-30-30 workout.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Shares

  1. runwiki

    OK, you have my attention on the pizza crust and burger! All of these sound delish and worth trying!

  2. Tami Grandi

    I have tried a cauliflower crust recently. Due to kidney stones I can’t have wheat or soy so have to do g-f. I will eat a domino’s g-f pizza every once in a while but wanted to give this one a try. It was okay- the texture was different as well as the taste but it worked 🙂

    1. fromfltond Post author

      I’m so sorry about the kidney stones. Thank you for letting me know about the crust and how it came out. I was thinking about adding more seasoning to the crust too.

  3. Kim

    I have heard great things about those cauliflower pizzas but I’m sure my hubby won’t eat it. Need to wait for a night that I’m home again and give it a try. I’m going to try those pancakes in the morning though! (Hunny isn’t sure about the Greek yogurt in them…I guess well see!)


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