Yes!!! It Is FRIDAY!!!

It is here!!!  FRIDAY!!!  I honestly never thought this day would get here this week!!  I’ve been looking forward to it since Monday, and I think everyone I know has felt this week dragging on too.  Of course, I now have a snow storm that might prevent our girl’s night out from happening tonight.  I’m going to hope for the best, but there is a butt load of snow coming down and more on the way.  However, I’m still on my high from my run yesterday, so the snow isn’t dragging me down.

Virtual Bacon 5K

Yesterday was an amazing running day for me!!  I haven’t had a great run in ages, and yesterday’s run is one for the books, especially since I did it on a treadmill.

I finally had some time between my spinning classes I taught to go upstairs and get on a treadmill.  I had my 5K Bacon Challenge to run and my running coach, Jen, wanted me to get in 3 miles, so I hopped on a treadmill after my first Spinning class, cranked up my Ipod (first song “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen…my new fav), and started running.  For once, I had zero distractions at the gym yesterday, and I was able to relax and go into my own little world.  I started thinking about a bunch of different things, and by the time I looked down at the reading on the treadmill I had gone 4.76 miles!!!  I almost fell off the treadmill when I saw this.  I felt like I had barely worked at all, and I was holding a 10:40 pace!!  I kept going, but had to stop at 5 miles to go teach my next Spinning class, and I was really upset that I had to stop running (lately I jump off the treadmill and run as fast as I can from it).

I don’t know where this amazing run came from, but I’m so glad I had it.  As of late, I’ve been thinking about postponing my half marathon until I can really get into it.  After yesterday, I think I’m going to stick with running, and try to keep it positive.

Today I’m teaching 2 Spinning classes and working out upper body with Rita.  I haven’t been able to workout with Rita for a few weeks, so I know I’m going to get my butt handed to me today, and I’m beyond excited to get said butt kicked!

I’ve had several requests at the gym for another walking treadmill workout, so here ya go!!  Remember to stretch when you are done.
30 MInute Walking Treadmill Workout

20 thoughts on “Yes!!! It Is FRIDAY!!!

  1. Jodi Tivey

    Oh my gosh Andrea! YOU ROCK! I am so HAPPY for you…and so PROUD of you. I know how hard you have been working and yearning for that awesome run!! YOU DESERVE IT!! Don’t give up on that half!! PROMISE ME!! As I told you I am 42 and doing my first half in May also…and I am slowly working my way up. (7 mile run scheduled for tomorrow morning! Furthest I have ever run was 8 miles back in November.) Like you, I have been struggling with some off runs for quite a while now and think it’s due to some health issues, but I am working on getting those fixed and going to just take it ONE STEP AT A TIME and NOT GIVE UP. I know that awesome run is coming my way some day and you have just reignited that fire in me. THANK YOU! GO ANDREA GO!

    1. fromfltond Post author

      You sould be a professional motivator girl!! You are so amazing and awesome yourself. You have kept me motivated so much this winter. Your posts and pics have helped me so much!

      1. Jodi are too sweet! I am just a great rambler and babbler 🙂 But thank you!!! So glad I have been able to help someone…that’s pretty cool 🙂

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