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Spring is a wonderful opportunity to explore new beginnings. Nature shows us signs of new life with longer days and in each tender green sprout as we see the earth begin to emerge from the peaceful winter rest. We may feel these same energies stirring inside of us, reminding ourselves of our own connection to nature.

A good gardener know that in order to produce fruitful plants, one must prepare, nurture, and grow the soil first. Once that groundwork is laid, the plants are offered the chance to grow to their fullest and brightest potential. We may consider our body as the soil and our potential as the plant. In order to nurture our seedlings, we must first nurture where it will grow.

Yoga, pranayama, and meditation are gifts that we may use to prepare our body for our seedling potential. It is with these tools that we may begin to create and expand space, peace, and love within ourselves. What we feed our body is equally important, for our food is what grows us. When chosen mindfully, our food can work harmoniously with us, nurturing our body and mind. Begin exploring your connection to food and the ceremony surrounding it. Why do you eat what you eat?  How does what you eat make you feel in that particular moment?

Make a goal this month to plant healthy seeds of nutrients inside your body to help fuel you, both physically and mentally.


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9 Reasons to Lift Weights

Watch a documentary about people who lift weights and you’ll likely be watching some of the world’s elite body builders hone their physique to abnormal largeness. Take a peek into your local gym and you’ll see something quite different. Sure, there may be a handful of body builders there, but they’re lifting right next to an accountant, a store clerk, a mom, and a retiree. That’s because all these people realize one thing: lifting weights is for everyone.

But is weight lifting really for you? Here are nine reasons the answer is yes.

#1: You Get Happy

Yes, exercise of any kind gets the happy chemicals running through your body, but lifting weights seems to have an advantage on your happy level. Why? Lots of reasons that are listed below.

#2: You’re More Useful

You were born with a great affinity to do something. You may be gifted to argue cases in court, cook an amazing meal, or keep cool while caring for a dozen 5-year-olds. Lifting weights helps you do each of them better. On top of that, it gives you the capacity to lend a helping hand when someone is struggling to lift a heavy box or open a stuck door.

Suddenly, you’re not stuck waiting for help when a demanding task is put in front of you. Instead, you bend at the knees and get to work.

#3: You Get Focused

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to figure out what to do at the gym, I’m here to help. That includes lifting weights. As your strength and the amount of weight you lift increase, intense focus is required to avoid injury. This focus in the gym—if you let it—will carry over into your non-gym activities.

#4: Your Body

Lifting weights does so much for your physique. Push yourself hard enough and your body will amaze you constantly. But your physique isn’t the only beneficiary of weight lifting. Lifting helps your body fend off illnesses and injury by helping you shed unwanted pounds, lowering your blood pressure, improving your heart function, and more.

#5: You Do the Impossible

When you start lifting weights, you can’t imagine lifting any more than you do in your first session. Three weeks later, you’ve already passed the impossible mark. By doing this over and over, you pick up a mental toughness and confidence that will aid you in all areas of life.

#6: You Eat Better

Have you been struggling to keep your daily calorie count down? Nothing helps you stay in line better than working out. Your regular weight-lifting routine makes you more aware of what you put in your body, making it easier to say “No” to those temptations that are always around the corner.

#7: Your Bones Get Stronger

While the first thing you may notice after lifting weights is stronger muscles, your bones are also secretly gaining strength at the same time. Since the risk of osteoporosis and broken bones only increases as you age, guarding against them with weight lifting only makes sense!

#8: Your Balance Improves

Staying on your feet may not be an issue today, but as you age, it will become one of your top priorities. This is especially true considering how often elderly people lose their balance and wind up with life-altering broken bones. Lifting weights at any age will give you a balance and boost in core strength that will last throughout your life.

#9: Your Brain Function Increases

Believe it or not, people who lift weights aren’t the meatheads they’re made out to be. Quite the opposite. Research has proven that lifting weights actually has the power to improve your brain’s ability to do its job.

Reach your fitness potential faster by coupling your good diet with a challenging exercise program. I’m here to motivate, instruct and encourage you to reach your goal.

Upcoming Trainings With Andrea

Basic Aerial Yoga Training

Have you ever wanted to try Aerial Yoga, learn the basics, or possibly teach aerial classes?  If so, this training is for you!  Come join us in Minot, ND this September to begin your Aerial Yoga journey!  Click here to learn more and register!


Check out some new and sweaty ride profiles for your classes or for a great workout at home!!

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