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Lady’s Surgery


My sweet furbutt Lady is going in for surgery tomorrow.  She is having a massive tumor removed from her back leg.

We noticed a small growth on her back leg a few weeks ago.  She is our senior girl at 8 years young, and has started to grow a few lumps and bumps with her advancing years.  The vets told us not to worry about them unless they continue to grow at a rapid rate.  Well, her new growth continued to grow at a very very rapid rate.  In less than a week it was the size of a ping pong ball, so I immediately got her a vet appointment.  Just in the amount of time I called the vet and her actual appointment the growth grew a little bit bigger than a golf ball.

At the vets they decided to have the tumor removed as soon as possible, and will biopsy it after the removal.

Lady’s tumor has continued to grow, and ruptured last night, so of course I’m beyond nervous and ready for the removal and the results. The vet said not to worry about the tumor rupturing since her surgery is tomorrow.  I would share a picture of her tumor, but it is something out of a horror movie, and I don’t want to make anyone sick.

Lady at Gym

Right now I’m keeping Lady with me at all times, so I can keep an eye on her and her tumor.  So, she is the mascot at the gym today!  I’ve got her doggie bed and water bowl all set up.  I’m pretty sure Lady thinks that the people using the treadmills have lost their minds, since she can’t keep her eyes off of them.  You can just see her thinking, “Why run and not go anywhere?”, or I’m totally wrong and she is wanting to try the treadmill out herself.

Please keep my girl in your thoughts tomorrow when Lady goes in for her surgery.  We are quite nervous and praying the biopsy comes back with no cancer.  This girl has been the leader of our home for so many years, and we want her in charge for more to come.

A Big Day

Today is such a big day, and I have several things to tell you about!!

First…the winner of the The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier YOU and Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Days DVD is…..drum roll…Amanda Tipton!!!  Congrats Amanda!!  You will love the book and DVD.  They are among my favorites!  Also, look for an email from me this afternoon!


Second, Jill Conyers will be guest hosting on Monday.  Jill will be answering the questions about how to strength train and avoid injury for runners.  Then, Jill has had also Graciously (note the capital “G”) offered to guest host again to answer the rest of the amazing questions everyone had.  I loved all the questions everyone had, and so did Jill, so she is kindly hanging around to post again.  I honestly cannot thank her enough for helping us beginning and experienced runners.  I’m throwing myself in the beginner category, and everyone asked questions that I also had!


Third…It is a birthday day in our house!!!  Little Tilly is turning 1 year old today!!!  Tilly is our sweetheart that we fostered with RAGOM, and then we ended up adopting her.  I would like to make a quick plea for other dogs out there in need of a home…If you are ever looking to get a dog, please check out your local shelter, or go online and look up “dog rescue groups”.  RAGOM is a rescue group that I volunteer with, and they, like other similar groups, place dogs in “foster homes” until they find their “forever home” and are adopted.  Our lab, Lady, is also a rescue dog from Florida, and she is amazing.  So, instead of going to a pet store (which gets its puppies from horrible puppy mills) look into saving a wonderful puppy or dog at your local shelter or from your local rescue group.


Back to the birthday girl…My goal was to make frosty paws and dog treats on Wednesday and have a write up for you with the recipes, but since we didn’t have any water, and I had to spend my day melting snow for water, I didn’t get a chance to make her birthday treats.  So, we are doing the doggie birthday baking on Saturday.  Tilly is still getting more stuffed toys to destroy, and all 3 dogs are getting Kongs filled with peanut butter and carrots!  Happy Birthday Tilly!!!

And speaking of water….We now have running water.  Never in my life did I think I would be so happy to flush a toilet regularly!  No more melting snow on the stove for me!!!  Well, at least not until this happens again.

It is workout time!  Here is the treadmill workout I did the other day at the gym.  Time flew by with this workout since I was so busy keeping and eye on my time and changing speeds.  I didn’t add an incline for this workout, but feel free to add a hill or two in there for yours!  Hope you enjoy it, and remember to stretch!
30 Min Treadmill no incline

New Years Eve and an Elliptical Workout

I have to share a few quick things from our weekend before the workout portion of this post.


On Saturday my husband and I were doing a TRX workout, and our son joined in too.  He always likes working out with one of us, and I couldn’t be happier about this.  I was floored the whole time he was working out with the TRX system.  The kid has some amazing body strength and core strength!  He was holding planks and doing some advanced moves that I was having a very hard time with, and he did them with ease!  A mother has to bragWinking smile


It is not a normal weekend if some kind of mischief doesn’t occur, so of course, Hank and Tilly had to do something to get themselves into trouble on Sunday.  I looked outside after I had let them out 5 minutes earlier to see them both digging a mammoth hole in the frozen ground.  When I called them, they nonchalantly turned around, sat down, and gave me that, “What!?! We aren’t doing anything wrong” look.  Like they are completely innocent and an asteroid crashed in our backyard and made the hole.

Today is New Year’s Eve and that means that tomorrow is the new year, and there is so much for everyone to look forward to.  In my case, I’m looking forward to summer and the disappearance of –20 degree temperatures, snow, and ice.  All joking aside, I hope you have a lot to look forward to in 2013 and that you make the most of your year!  And, have a great New Year’s Eve!!  What are you looking forward to in 2013?

I’ll be starting off my New Year with the For the Love of the Kids Virtual 5K.  This will be my first race to kick off my 13 races in 2013!!!  What race are you looking forward to this year?

bootcamp_large               13 in 13

If you are looking for a bootcamp to help you get fit or continue staying fit, try Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.  Registration closes for the next round (starts Jan 7th) today, so sign up now!!  There is also the 13 in 2013 running challenge that will begin on January 1st, so if you are a runner, walker, jogger, or beginner this is a great way to keep you fit and motivated all year, and the giveaways are already beginning.  The registration for 13 in 2013 also ends today!

I’m taking this New Year’s Eve day to relax and enjoy some time with my son.  We are heading out to see Rise of the Guardians today, and both of us have been looking forward to finally getting a chance to go see it, since we have been trying to for almost two months now.

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises - Paperback

Don’t forget about the Giveaway I have going on along with your opportunity to post questions for Jill Conyers to answer in her guest post on January 7th!

Here is a 30 Minute Elliptical Workout to help you ring in a healthy New Year!!  Remember to stretch afterwards!

30 Minute Elliptical Star

Hanukkah Recap

What a fun 8 nights we had for Hanukkah!  My son loved lighting the candles and saying the blessing each night, and I was so proud of him.


I got a few questions from friends about if we give our son gifts on each day.  My answer to this is a big fat NO!  This year my kid turned into your typical little materialistic child.  I think he hit and new record on the words “I want” this year.  I’m determined not to let him get worse, and I’m hoping to nip this problem in the bud early.

Most Jews that I know make it so you are giving more than you are getting.  This is what I was taught too.  Our son only got 1 gift for Hanukkah, and he was very excited about it, and he didn’t ask for more (big sigh of relief from me…we still have Christmas left so he will get a few on that day too).  The rest of the days were focused on him giving gifts to friends, neighbors, family, pets, and a charity of his choosing.  He and I had a great time giving to others and watching their faces light up with smiles.  Now, he is already talking about what he is going to give to others next year!

I already gave you a few recipes from our first night of Hanukkah, but I didn’t write up how that first night went, because I’m just now getting over being a bit ticked off about a cute stunt my hubby pulled.

I ended up having to clean and prepare the veggies for the evening in our guest bathroom, and here is why:  my husband brought in dead birds and put them in our sink to thaw.  Yup that is right!  The 3 pheasants and 1 grouse he killed earlier in the day froze before he got home, and he needed them to thaw before he could clean them.  See pic below in case you don’t believe me.  Just to let you know, there are no bugs or diseases on them at all.  They are as organic as you can get.  I also made my husband scrub that sink till I could see my reflection in it.


Now, this gets better…Of course I objected to this whole thing, but I did not get my way.  Well, thankfully the barbeque brisket was already in the crock pot and the baked blueberry doughnuts were all done.  The only thing left was the cheesy garlic polenta (see recipe below) and roasted veggies.  Since I had 2 hours before I had to start making the rest of the dinner, I Trouble Makerswent downstairs to watch a movie with our son and my hubby left for work.  Sadly I should have thought that having 3 bird dogs and 4 dead birds in the house would equal a problem.  Well, I came upstairs halfway though the movie to check on the brisket and found a sink with only 1 pheasant in it.  I then walked around the corner into our living room to find all 3 furbutts having their own Hanukkah feast!  I did not take a picture of this.  Just imagine feathers everywhere!  Thankfully they were not that far into their feast and were kind enough not to have made a bloody mess!  I had caught them just before it could have gotten really ugly.  I shall leave the story there.  I’m sure most of you know what kind words I had for my husband.


Other than that little bird blip in our 8 days of Hanukkah, we had a great time!  My favorite was each night we had a game night.  Although, we still seemed to play Farkle every night along with whatever other game we chose.  We all had a ton of fun playing different games each night, and I finally won a few games too!

On to that polenta or grits recipe (in the south they are called grits and everywhere else, polenta).  I have my wonderful friend in Florida to thank for pointing me in the direction of garlic cheese.  Yup!  Garlic cheese!!  It is as good as it sounds.  I love using it in pasta dishes and pizza the most.  Never once did I think to use it in polenta.  Thank you Judy for your wise ways in cooking!!

Judy’s Cheesy Garlic Polenta (Grits)



  • 1 c Quick-Cooking Polenta
  • 1 1/2 c. Chicken Broth
  • 1 1/2 c. Milk
  • 8 oz Shredded Garlic Cheese


First and foremost:  DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THIS ONCE YOU START MAKING IT!  It all cooks up quickly, and will burn if you are not there watching the milk and broth come to a boil and you have to constantly stir the polenta once you add it.  That said, this recipe takes less than 10 minutes to make Open-mouthed smile

Shred the cheese.  Then, add the chicken broth and milk to a medium sauce pan and bring to a boil.  Reduce the heat to low and add the polenta.  Constantly stir until it has thickened.  Watch out for the bubbling polenta…it likes to “pop”.  I just stir really fast to keep it from “popping” at me.  Once the polenta is good and thick, remove from the heat and stir in the shredded garlic cheese.  Serve immediately!

Workout Wednesday

I hope everyone is having a great week!

I have had a great week except for the at-home exercise department.  My dear sweet dog Hank has been thwarting my workout efforts more than usual this week.  I had to spend about 15 extra minutes just moving him away from my workout zone yesterday.  Hank has never liked me exercising at home, and he has always felt the need to force me to stop.  If I’m on my spinning bike, he will bark at me.  If I’m doing push-ups or planks he will crawl underneath me and roll on his back.  If I’m doing an exercise while standing, he will lay on my feet.  And, if I’m doing concentration curls he will crawl under my legs and lay down, as you can see below.  He is not neglected either.  This boy gets a ton of cuddle and play time everyday.  I really have no idea why he hates me exercising so much.  Do any of you have furbutts that do not like it when you exercise at home, or am I the only one?


Since everyone was really getting into the virtual races after my last post, I figured I would continue to list others that I come across.  You can also check out my 13 Races in 2013 page…I will have the races posted that I have signed up for, and a big chunk of the winter ones will be virtual races.  Here is another virtual race with awesome medals:

FUNd Run 4 Bling is having a Princess or Fairy in Training Run starting in January.  Earn some PRINCESS bling – Princess In Training!! Or FAIRY in Training bling 🙂 princess in trainingThe proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
the medal for the race you registered for
matching digital photo
run bib(s)
temporary tattoo – will run 4 bling
There is a 5/10km option or if you need motivation for a long run there is a 10 mile option!!
You can register for one, two or all 4 . Registration is limited to 50 of each. You will get an actual medal in the mail.

tink in training

I’ve decided to post a new workout every Wednesday, making it Workout Wednesdays.  I will still post other workouts during the week, but Wednesday will always be a workout post day.  Today is the elliptical workout I will do this evening at the gym…This elliptical workout focuses on strength with a few sprints thrown in to give your endurance a boost!  Feel free to add an incline for an extra challenge!  Remember to stretch afterwardsSmile
30 Min Elliptical

Birds…and Hank Loosing His Mind!


For the past few weeks Hank has been under one of our apple trees standing on his hind legs for most of the day.  The poor boy is loosing his mind because a dove has built a nest, laid eggs, and is on said eggs all day, and this nest is on the lowest branch of the apple tree.  So, Hank is now on constant bird patrol all day under the apple tree.  I have the hardest time getting him to come into the house.  Hank wouldn’t even come to me while I was holding a handful of treats out to him.

Then, one day Hank decided he had to get closer to the dove.  I was inside doing dishes when I heard a huge commotion in the tree outside along with Hank whining, so I ran outside as fast as I could to see what was happening.  When I get to the tree I discover my bird dog in the tree!!!  Hank had actually climbed into the tree and worked his way out onto part of the lower branch of the apple tree.  Well, you can imagine my fear and disbelief that Hank had gotten himself stuck in a tree.  Thankfully the branch he was on was close enough to the ground for me to lift him off of it.  I think Hank has learned his lesson when it comes to climbing trees to go after birds, and I’m looking forward to the day that this bird and her future babies leave the nest!