Spinning Profiles

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Here are links to indoor cycling profiles that I have taught!  I hope you enjoy them and get a great workout!

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**NEW** St. Patty’s Day Ride – Ride Style:  Interval

Are you ready for some sweaty St. Patty’s Day fun!?!  Get ready to move around and climb to fun and fast paced music.  You will feel like you are riding in a pub and singing along with your friends as you challenge yourself and your stamina during this festive ride.

Bonus:  I’ve included a list of 25 optional St. Patrick’s Day themed songs you can add in or switch with other songs in the ride.

Valentine’s Day RideTime for a fun Interval Valentine’s Day ride!

This ride is a bit different with the music theme.  I find that some people love Valentine’s Day and other people loathe it with a passion.  Therefore, this playlist is full of songs about how wonderful love is and songs about how horrible love is.  My goal is to please everyone.

Since the music is all over the place between love and hate, the ride is full of tons of different elements.  You’ll jump, run, climb (sometimes in just one song), and just constantly change it up throughout the ride for each song.  There are also three longer working sections of about eight minutes in length sprinkled in this ride for you to love.  You may love or not love Valentine’s Day, but you will love the sweat and calorie burn you will have during this ride!

**NEW** My Legs Are On Fire – Ride Style:  Interval
Time to challenge your lactic acid threshold with a beyond fast paced interval spin ride.  Your main goal for this ride…when you are not running…is to just keep that faster pace and hit some rolling hills full of quad burning fun.

Get your burn with: B.o.B., Calvin Harris, Mono Mind, The Black Eyed Peas and more!

**NEW** Get Up and Conquer – Ride Style:  Strength


You will receive TWO rides/playlists to print out for this ride(s) profile!  Either ride and/or teach Get Up & Conquer the 80s OR Get Up & Conquer the 90s with this ride profile purchase!  

Are you ready to conquer some hills??  During this ride you will challenge yourself with a lot of speed work (during each working song) as you climb your various hills.  The goal…Only one recovery during the whole ride!  Can you conquer your fears and keep on climbing for the majority of the ride?

Conquer your hills with great artists from the 80s and 90s (depending which ride you teach)  Some of the artists included are: Janet Jackson, Snap!, Vanilla Ice, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Van Halen and tons more!

**NEW** Can You Make It? – Ride Style:  Strength

Are you ready for a ride that will have you saying, “Holy S#$@ Buckets!” after you are done??  Are you looking for speed and challenges out of the saddle as you climb??  If you are up for it, this ride will show you how truly strong and capable you are!  You will discover how much you can truly accomplish when challenged on various hills during your climbs.  The question is…Can you stay physically and mentally strong till the finish line?

There are cues and options throughout this ride for beginner/newer riders, so that they can still build up their aerobic endurance and challenge themselves. 

Get ready to make those muscles scream with Bruno Mars, Rita Ora, Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus and more!

**NEW** Gauge Ride 2018 – Ride Style:  Interval

Get ready for a ride that will continue to challenge you and your class each time you get on your bike!

As an instructor, I like to have my students challenge themselves throughout the year, and each year I come up with a way for new challenges and goals to be gauged.  Therefore, I created this ride to give my classes the opportunity to “gauge” their strength, stamina, endurance, speed and more during 2018. 

As for the ride itself, there is a bunch of speed work/opportunity for speed work, and a fun ladder that will really test you throughout the year!  There are two full pages with a detailed description of how to prep your riders, how to “gauge” yourself and/or your riders, notes for beginners and my own personal note to ya’ll.  Total print length is five pages.

Find those legs flying up hills with Michael Jackson, Quad City DJs, Meghan Trainor, Ed Sheeran and more!

**NEW**  No Time to Sit – Ride Style:  Interval

The title of this ride says it all…We are challenging ourselves, and we are avoiding that saddle as much as possible.  You will burn a ton of calories as you work out of the saddle with speed and strength, while you build endurance and stamina!

Get ready drip sweat with WALK THE MOON, Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris, All American Rejects, Kelly Clarkson and more!

Rockin’ Christmas Ride – Time to really rock your Holiday season with this fast paced sweaty Interval spin ride.  Each song will have you singing holiday favorites while you climb, jump, and sprint off the holiday goodies you’ve been eating.

I’ve also added a list of over 40 songs in this ride that you can use to add in or swap out of this ride!

Queen of All Hills – Ride Style:  Interval

Get ready to climb with sprints and runs during this sweat dripping looping pyramid ride with a crazy twist.  Once you begin, there is no turning back!  You will find yourself climbing with mini loops (and 2 loops that are 9 heart pounding minutes) designed to challenge you physically.  As for the mental side, you will be having too much fun moving in and out of the saddle, so there won’t be a chance for any pessimistic thoughts to cross your mind!

I’ve been teaching this ride for over 13 years, and everyone keeps asking for it over and over again!

Get your need for speed with the choice of over THREE playlists!!  Some of the artists included are: Madonna, Chris Brown, The Shadowboxers, Robert Miles, Ace of Base, Katy Perry, Rhianna, and tons more!

 Continuous Hills – Ride Style:  Interval

Are you ready to test yourself during three continuous hills?  Are you ready to challenge yourself both physically and mentally?

For this ride, you will just keep climbing and climbing, then you will challenge yourself even further with speed work.  You’ll torch tons of calories and strengthen your mind and body during this heart and leg pumping ride.

Climb with Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Fun and more!
Ride Length:  50 minutes (not including cool down)

You Should Be Sweating – Ride Style:  Interval

Get your sweaty groove on to disco hits from the 70s!  Since we are getting our disco groove on, you will have pretty much constant movement throughout this ride.  Plus, disco does not scream slow heavy climbs.  Disco screams lighter hills and tons of speed, so get ready to change up your speed, movements and more for each song!

Get your sweaty groove on with the Bee Gees, ABBA, Wild Cherry and more!
Ride Length: 49 minutes(not including cool down)

Let’s Ride – Ride Style:  Interval

We love it when a class feels like it was only 5 minutes instead of 30-60 minutes at the end of a ride.  “Let’s Ride” is a favorite among my riders when they want a super sweaty ride that feels like it flew by.  I have requests for this ride constantly (mostly because everyone burns more calories than usual during this ride), and they never get sick of it!

This calorie torching ride is a looping ladder.  You can make the length of your ride from 30-60 minutes!  As you work your way through your loop, you will take on challenges you thought we easy in the beginning of the ride, but have become increasingly more challenging as you progress up the time ladder.

Get your super sweaty ride on with the choice of over TWO playlists!!  Some of the artists included are: Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Robert Miles, Ace of Base, Katy Perry, Rhianna, and tons more!

Ride Length: 30-60 minutes (not including cool down)

Strip It – Ride Style:  Interval

Well, winter is approaching and there are cooler temperatures.  This has us rolling into our cycling classes with layers on and feeling the chill.  This ride will have you heating up and feeling the need to strip those layers off right off the bat!

Get ready to sweat buckets and work that sexy body of yours as you speed down the road to a fun playlist that will have your riders dying to shake those booties and wave their towels in the air…Not to mention how loud they will get!  Show those strong legs off as you jump, sprint, run, and more throughout this fun ride.

Get sexy and sweaty with Rihanna, Pitbull, Tone-Loc, Nelly, and more!
Ride Length:  45  minutes(not including cool down)

Team Throwdown – Ride Style:  Interval

Time to divide up your class and race them against each other!!  This ride will have all your riders engaged and giving more than 100% in order to crush the other team as they take turns sprinting and more.  Not only are you battling out as teams, but it is a battle of music, 80s and 90s pop hits vs. modern dj hits!

If you are looking for a ride that will have your class getting excited, engaged and thoroughly sweaty while working harder than you have ever seen, then this is the ride for you!

Race your teams with Martin Garrix, The Cranberries, The Weeknd, Janet Jackson and more!
Ride Length:  45 minutes (not including cool down)

Name That Feeling – Ride Style:  Interval

Are you ready to feel the challenges and all the fun positive emotions this ride will bring on? 

During our ride we will work our way up and back down a hill to the finish line.  Each song will have us feeling challenged and ready to conquer those challenges as we climb.  This is a great ride for beginner riders to begin to work on more hills and feel the love for those climbs.  For advanced and intermediate riders, this is your chance to really tap into what you are feeling and work towards having less recoveries during your interval rides.

Get your legs feeling the burn with Bebe Rexha, Madonna, Hedley, Shawn Mendes, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and more!
Ride Length:  47 minutes (not including cool down)

Burn the Bird (Thanksgiving Ride 90 minute ride) – Ride Style:  Interval

Each year I teach our annual Thanksgiving Day Burn the Bird 90 Minute Ride, and it is always pre-booked with a wait list the day signups begin.  We have tons of fun and tons of fun challenging ourselves with a very fast paced ride.
Our mission during this ride is to burn as many calories pre-bird, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie, etc. as possible!  We will make time fly bye with several loops, sprints, jumps and just pure leg challenging speed!

BooTastic Adventure Ride Style:  Interval

Nothing is more fun then sweating and having fun celebrating Halloween!  However, you may not feel too friendly about the hills and speed you will be dealing with as you go from house to house on a trick-or-treating adventure.  Our adventure during this ride will be of your own choosing!  For each working song you will have a choice to make before you get to see where your adventure will take you.  You will only have yourself to blame if you fall behind to the shadows of our Halloween ride, and who knows what is lurking in the shadows.

Enjoy this spooky themed ride with a story line that will have you wondering what is coming for you!!  Muwahaha!

I have even added a list of over 40 songs and their artists that you can swap out or add to this ride profile!!

Playlist length: 46 minutes (not including cool down music)

Thrilltastic Ride – Ride Style:  Interval

Halloween is almost here!!  This is my favorite holiday, so I always celebrate by putting together a fun cycling profile to celebrate with.  I even added a list of over 40 songs and their artists that you can swap out or add to this ride profile!!

Time to feel spooktacularly sweaty during this Interval ride!  Say hello to light and medium hill madness as you change up the way you slaughter calories during each song.

Go the Distance – Ride Style:  Interval

Get ready for a rockin’ ride that will have you building speed for climbs and runs.  The pounding beats during this ride will have your body screaming that success during this ride will be yours!  Nothing will hold you back or slow you down.  The best part is that this ride may be an interval ride, but it is gonna feel like a strength workout!!

**Bonus:  Each working section has two songs to choose from, and I’ve included 20 extra songs that I also switch in for this ride.  Therefore, this ride many different playlists!!

Work It! Ride Style:  Interval

Let’s get ready to Work It in a whole new way!  During this ride you will work your mental and physical strength with a very challenging time ladder.  Not only is this ride full of climbs that become more challenging, it is also full of speed that keeps you flying through class.

*Bonus:  Each working section has two to three songs to choose from.  Therefore, this ride basically has two different playlists!!

There are cues and options throughout this ride for beginner/newer riders, so that they can still build up their aerobic endurance and challenge themselves.  Print length: 5 pages

Legs Are Smokin’ – Ride Style: Interval

Time to challenge your legs and get em smokin’ with longer and more challenging working segments.  This ride is broken up into three working segments.  Each one challenging you more and more.  Your first working segment is six minutes of cardio fun that has you up out of the saddle.  The second working segment is 20 minutes (but can be broken down into two 10 minute working segments with a recovery between), of movement, fun standing runs, and even more cardio fun to get those legs smokin’.  The final working set is 12 minutes of sweaty and speedy power!

There are cues and options throughout this ride for beginner/newer riders, so that they can still build up their aerobic endurance and challenge themselves.  Print length: 8 pages

Get your legs moving with Taylor Swift, Pitbull, Katy Perry, Usher, Jennifer Lopez and more!

Come and Get It – Ride Style:  Interval

This interval ride is definitely not for the weak of heart!  This ride is for those looking to really challenge themselves, see all that they are capable of, and have a willingness to push through mental barriers.

All I can say is, get ready to sweat and feel those legs work throughout this ride.  There are runs, cadence holds, sprints and climbs…Sometimes all in the same song.  There is no denying it, this is quite the challenging ride.  However, if you are up to the challenge, this ride is for you.

There are cues throughout this ride for beginner/newer riders, so that they can still build up their aerobic endurance and challenge themselves.  Print length: 6 pages
Get your sweat on with Lindsey Stirling, Muse, Zedd, David Guetta, OSESZA and more!

Pumped Up 90’s – Ride Style: Strength

Are you ready to move in and out of the saddle with a ride that will fly bye?  Are you ready to sing along to some awesome songs from the 90s?  Are you ready to test your strength on some hills?

If you answered YES to all of the above, then this strength ride is for you!!  You will moving in and out of the saddle for most of this ride while climbing medium and heavy hills.  Don’t worry, you will challenge yourself so much more than you think as you work both in the saddle and out.

With this ride you will receive cues for the ride itself and separate cues for beginner/new riders.  Print length: 6 pages

Get your 90s jam on with Mae, Ini Kamoze, Janet Jackson, Filter and more great artists from the 90s!

Break Thru – Ride Style:  Interval

Get ready to sweat and sing along to some leg pumping rock hits from the 60s and 70s.

The name of the game for this ride is speed.  You will challenge yourself during each song as you pick up your pace with jumps, elevated cadence holds, and more while changing it up for each song.

Your goal for this ride is to break thru those mental walls of negativity we tend to build at times during our rides.  This ride will break down that wall and show you what amazing speed and strength you have in your legs and mind!

As always, this ride is full of details for cuing and motivation.  Print length: 8 pages

Keep rocking and sweating with The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Aerosmith and more!

Gauge Ride – Ride Style:  Interval

Get ready for a ride that will continue to challenge you and your class each time you get on your bike!

As an instructor, I like to have my students challenge themselves throughout the year, and each year I come up with a way for new challenges and goals to be gauged.  Therefore, I created this ride to give my classes the opportunity to “gauge” their strength and speed during 2017.

As for the ride itself, there is a bunch of speed work/opportunity for speed work, and some amazing jumps thrown in just for fun!  There is a full page with a detailed description of how to prep your riders and how to “gauge” yourself and/or your riders.  The remainder ride is five pages in length and full of motivation, alignment cues, breath cues, and more!

4th of July 2016 Ride Style:  Interval

Here is a great 4th of July Interval ride!  All the songs have something to do with America or Freedom from all the artists we love, so get ready to sweat with jumps, climbs, standing runs, and more before you cross the finish line!!

Ride the Ridge – Ride Style:  Strength

Time to climb up a few mountain ridges to get to the top and the finish line! 

Throughout this ride you will test your strength with climbs and switchbacks.  There will be no boredom during this climbing ride.  You will be too busy moving in and out of the saddle, changing hills, and singing along to the playlist!

Ride along with Queen, Go-Go’s, Michael Jackson, INXS, Snap! and more to power your way through this ride!

School’s Out for Summer – Ride Style: Interval

Ready to sweat and sing your way into summer??  Are you excited for summer break to finally be here??  Every year I have taught this fun and sweaty ride as a kick off to summer.  Call me a summer junkie, but I get so excited about summer, pool time, possibly sleeping in more, and all the fun we have during our break.  Therefore, I believe there is no better way to kick off your summer, than an insanely sweaty Interval ride to get your summer energy flowing!

This ride will have you drenched with sweat before it is all said and done.  Get ready to challenge yourself with a ride that is mostly out of the saddle and full of speed and strength challenges.  Lets get sweaty for summer with this fast paced fun ride!

Rock your way into summer with AC/DC, Heart, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Poison, and more!

Take It On Ride Style:  Strength

Are you ready to take on a strength ride that feels more like an interval ride?  If so, take this ride on and show yourself how strong, awesome, and capable you are.

This ride will move you in and out of the saddle during songs, changing pace, and working for longer lengths to make that sweat pour.  There is even a fun mini loop thrown in to really make the time fly bye!

Shut Up Legs Ride Style:  Strength

Get ready for the mother of all strength rides!  This strength ride is not only physical but mental.  You will find yourself having to over come some big mental walls to reach your way to the top of this mountain.

This ride is broken into two parts with only one full recovery in it (don’t worry…I always give modifications and options for beginner riders).  The first half really preps us for the mother of all climbs.  The second half of the ride is where the power and mental strength will really come in.

This ride is also 7 pages in length.  I put in a lot of cues and a running story line to help you find your inner strength and get you to your finish line.

Two Killer Loops Ride Style:  Strength

Get ready for the fastest ride of your life.  Literally, the ride will be over, and you will think only 5 minutes went by, but you are still drenched in sweat!

The first loop is 12 1/2 minutes in length, and the second loop takes it up to 16 minutes in length.  In these fun loops you will run, climb, and feel all that energy flowing in your body…especially those legs!

Feel the Flavor Ride Style:  Interval

Get ready to feel the fire and flavor in your body (especially your legs) with this Latin music themed ride!  There is nothing but fun sweaty jumps, climbs, and challenges in this ride profile.  Be ready to challenge your cardio level throughout the length of your ride!

Poppin’ 80s Ride Style:  Interval

Time to take it back to the poppin’ electric 80s with this jumpin’, runnin’, and climbin’ interval ride!

Each song will take you on new fun high intensity cardio challenges.  Our goal for this ride is to keep the energy and positivity flowing, along with buckets of sweat.  If you are looking to go fast and move around, this ride is for you!

Sweatin’ for Summer – Ride Style:  Interval

Time to get ready for summer with a fun summertime themed ride!

Let’s take some songs in this ride to really challenge our speed and endurance on a light hill (fun stands, jumps, and climbs).  Then, take it down a notch with longer climbs with speed added to them.  Nothing screams fun like spinnin’ in the sun!  Summer here we come…And with strong, sexy legs too!

**Bonus** I’ve included a list of over 35 more summer themed songs that you can add or substitute into this ride!


Still Standing – Ride Style:  Interval

Are you ready for a fun, sweaty and challenging ride?  If so, this ride will hit all three of those goals!

For this fast paced ride, you will find yourself out of the saddle way more than you are in it.  Don’t worry…I have put in options for new/beginner riders who are still building up their endurance and aerobic base.

Get ready to move around and change hills as each song takes you on a new challenge!

Set some speedy goals with KT Turnstall, Mumford & Sons, Bee Gees, Kungs & Cookin’ On 3 Burners, Elton John, and more!

ATTACK! Ride Style: Strength

This ride will be a piece of cake for you!  Keep this thought in your head, and you will never back down once during your ride.  For this ride, you will find yourself attacking each hill during each song. Your goal is to stick with the RPM you chose for this attack.  Don’t back down, and don’t go easy on yourself either.  Almost every song will have you moving in and out of the saddle before you begin your attack.  This is a great ride to help you become stronger and realize your true potential!

Attack your hills with Fitz & The Tantrums, Bebe Rexha, Clean Bandit, Katy Perry, Martin Garrix and more!

Mighty Loop Ride Style:  Interval

The title of this spin profile says it all!  Let’s loop our way through class!  This fun and challenging loop will have your class feeling like they can do anything!  You will find that speed is your middle name, and that nothing will hold you back during this ride.  For this ride, I love to encourage my class to think positive thoughts about their abilities throughout the ride.  There will be no “I can’t”.  Instead, realize your true abilities as you unleash that inner light and strength.  This ride is a huge hit and constantly requested!

This ride can be taught on various hills, all on the same hill, and you can take the loops as many times as you want.  There are various descriptions to go along with how you can teach this ride.

Fogging Up the Room – Ride Style: Interval

Get ready for a sweaty ride that will fog up the room you are in!  This ride is all about seed and cadence.  Work your way up constantly changing hills with speed and strength.  As each song changes, so will your goals, so get ready to sprint, add challenges, and climb some serious hills.

This is a great ride to set new goals and to realize you have courage as you add your resistance and speed!

Get sweaty with Shakira, The Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Andy Grammer, Ozzy Osbourne, and more!

It’s All For the Legs – Time to love our legs and work them out on a medium hill lovin’ ride.  This sweat and fun laced ride has three longer working segments sprinkled throughout it.  Each longer segment ranges from 8-10 minutes of work.  There will be no boredom during these fun segments.  You will be too busy moving in and out of the saddle with various tasks to notice the time.  This his a favorite ride that is requested quite a bit in my classes.  Have fun!

Find That Hill – Time to climb and find the love for some hills, in this powerful ride.  The goal of this ride is to not let that monkey mind tell you “I can’t.”  You’ll find that you have more courage when you add that resistance and climb.

Another fun goal in this ride is to keep your resistance/hills on until you hit your recovery song.  Therefore, you will find three working/climbing sections in this ride.  The first fun filled climb is 14 minutes in length.  The next two are 12 minutes and 15 minutes of strength packed work.  Time to buckle down and climb some hills!

SING! – Time to have fun and sing along with a ride based on the songs from the movie SING.  This spin profile will get ya sweatin’ and create endurance with standing runs, fast paced climbs, jumps, and just having fun singing along with this peppy ride.

Time to Sweat – The title of this ride says it all!!  You are going to sweat your way up light and medium hills while challenging your pace/speed.  You’ll move your way in and out of the saddle with switchbacks.  Sprint or jump your way through fun fast paced music, and finding yourself completely drenched with sweat and a sense of awesome accomplishment.  During this ride you will change what you do/climb for each song.  Don’t worry…This ride will only seem like five minutes due to continuous movement into different positions during each song.


Everybody UpGet ready to bring that heart rate an metabolism up with this Interval ride!  This ride is a fast paced, majority light hill ride that will have you out of the saddle most of the time.  Get ready to change it up for each fun song as you run, sprint, climb, and more!  I swear the time will fly by in this 50 minute ride!

Add ItTime to play around on some hills during this exciting Interval ride.  Each song will tackle two different hills throughout this ride.  Move and change hills as you jump, sprint, run, and have fun!  Your legs will feel stronger and leaner while your calories are being torched.  You’ll also get a dose of some fun 80s music!

Big Hair – Gotta love the 80s big hair bands for spin profiles!!  This mainly (pesky sprints) Strength ride will have you jamming (try not to “bang your head”) and sweating, while you rock your pedals to the metal!  Each song will have you changing hills and positions and speed.  Rock on and stay strong with this big hair themed ride!

Long Lean Leg Lovin’ – Ready to get leaner??  Time to work those legs with this sweaty loop filled Interval ride.  In this ride you will challenge your endurance and speed as you sweat and smile!   You’ll work those legs during two larger working sections. The first section is about 10 minutes and the second section is 20 minutes of sweat filled fun!  You’ll be too busy moving around to notice the time fly by!

Celebrate Strength – Time to create more strength and celebrate your awesome accomplishments during this Strength ride.  This fun strength ride consists of four larger working segments with loops.  The longer working segments are each about 9 minutes in length.  Don’t worry!  You’ll be so busy moving and feeling your awesome strength (both physically and mentally) that this ride will fly by!

Around We Go – Time to make the pedals go around and around!  This Interval ride is all about speed!  Speed on hills, speed with jumps…You just feel the need for speed!  Each round of speed will change with each song on this majority light hill ride.  This ride is also a great endurance builder too!

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor  I couldn’t come up with a name for this ride, so I asked my class to name it.  Hence the over the top title.  Personally I think they were a bit dramatic;-)  I mean who doesn’t love and Interval profile full of jumps, tabatas, and seated climbs that take you into climbs in 3rd!?!  Each song will take you to new levels as you change your workload and pace.

Rock On – Time to rock out with some great rock artists and sweat your buns off! The first song in this ride starts out nice and light, but after that it is time to climb and use your pure strength with a few sprints sprinkled in.  Time will fly by as you move around during this ride.  Some songs will have you climbing, sprinting, and taking an elevated cadence hold all in a 4 minute song…Definitely not going to be bored during this ride.

Heatin’ Up – You’ll really heat up the room with this Interval profile.  During each song your riders will change their hill and performance level.  The jumps will elevate their heart rate (sprints too), the climbs will have each rider focusing on their breath and challenging their strength, and the sprints will have them challenging their strength and endurance!

To the Top – Time to climb!  This fun profile starts right off with a looping time ladder.  What better way to kick of your ride!?!  After that it is time to change up your hills as each song changes and takes you on different levels of resistance and movements.  You can keep this ride a purely strength ride, or you can add in a bit of interval work when you hit those standing light hills.

Winter Warm-Up – When your cold and you need to warm it up…Break out this sweaty Interval profile for your class!  Each song will have your class climbing, jumping, standing runs, really powering your way to the top of some great hills that will challenge your strength, and more!  You will no longer be cold at the end of this ride!


Not Penis Music – Well, I’m sure I got your attention with the title of this ride and piqued your curiosity.  Here is the back story:

I always create birthday rides for all of my cyclists in class.  It is fun to celebrate with them, and create a personal ride full of their favorite music.  When I asked one of my cyclists what music he would like for his birthday his response was, “I don’t really care.  I like rock.  Just don’t play penis music.”  Of course I asked him to elaborate on this (I hadn’t heard the term “penis music” before).  He told me he was kinda sick of songs where girls sang about guys and sex (always keep up with what your cyclists are not fans of in the music department too!!)  So…I created a ride full of the rock songs he likes…And no penises were sung about.

Time to rock out and cycle fast with a fun rock filled ride.  You will find yourself challenged throughout this ride on a lot of light hills…With a few medium hills thrown in for stamina.  You’ll climb a bit, but you will mainly jump, sprint, and run your way through this ride…Even in just one song!!

Two Loop Hills – The title of this Interval ride says it all!  This cycling profile is divided up into two hills…First hill is light…Second hill is medium.  Your goal is to challenge yourself by trying not to come off your hill (recover) till the hill has finished.  However, you can take a recovery at the end of each song in this ride if needed (always be mindful!)  Each hill consists of 4 fast paced songs (you’ll change what you do for each song) to keep you moving, motivated, and singing along as you climb up your hills.

Light Hill Love – One day my whole class told me they wanted an all light hill ride, because they were sick of working hard on medium and heavy hills.  I agreed to this knowing that having a class full of all light hills would be way harder then the rides with those fun medium and heavy hills thrown in.  Everyone sweated buckets and got their cardio work in big time during this ride!!  I personally loved the extra cardio challenges in this fast paced ride.

Time for some fast paced Interval fun!!  This profile consists of two longer working sections of about 10 minutes each.  They will test your physical and mental endurance while you torch some serious calories.  Our two longer working sections are broken up with more fast paced fun that changes with each 3-4 minute songs.  Get ready to run, sprint, and jump!!

All About Them Legs – Get ready for a fun Interval ride that will make the class fly by.  This ride is all about getting those legs stronger and leaner.  You’ll feel those legs on light and medium hills as you build a ladder of speed with cadence holds, sprints, standing runs, and climbs.  This ride is so much fun!  The time will fly bye as you change up what you do each song and during each song!

Switchback Hills– I must say that this Strength ride is one of my personal favorites.  When I’m done teaching this ride I absolutely love how everyone is drenched in sweat and grinning from ear to ear.

This ride consists of four longer working segments ranging from 7-9 minutes.  The first 8 minute working segment consists of 4 time loops full of switchbacks to really get those muscles pumping and calories burning.  From there you will continue your switchbacks and climbs for the rest of the ride.  There are 3 shorter working segments to break up your time climbing to the top of all these fun switchback hills!!  This class will just fly bye due to your constant movement in and out of the saddle as you hit your switchbacks!

We’ve Got Speed – By now y’all know I love tabatas…not all the time…but from time to time 😉  Therefore, get ready for a fast paced Interval ride that starts right out with a tabata!!  No worries, there are only three fun tabatas spread out in this ride.  As each song changes, so does your quest to climb up a medium hill, heavy hill, jump around, speed your way through some fun quad burning cadence holds….and of course sprint your way to the finish with a tabata!!

Feel the Moment– Time for one of the ultimate Strength rides.  Start out nice and light before you start heading up your mountain with two longer working segments.  The first segment (about 18 minutes) gets your legs warmed up and building endurance and strength as you maneuver in and out of the saddle.  The second segment (about 15 minutes) begins to test your strength and stamina with some more heavy hills and jumps.

Roll With It – Time to roll on down the road with this speedy Interval Ride!  Get ready to change it up during each song!  You’ll jump, climb, and run your way up light and medium hills!  This is also a great ride to introduce beginners to jumps!

Heart Rate Goes Up Get ready to burn some calories and sweat during this fun Strength ride.  Each song will have you sprinting, jumping, climbing, and more.

Keep those legs moving during this ride with Paramore, Avicii, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Fergie, and more!

Can Ya Feel It? – Get ready to feel the sweat drip and your muscles work in this strength and interval fusion ride.  You’ll hit those heavy hills hard, sprint like a demon on hills, and jump like crazy in this fun ride….Yes it is totally fun!!

Get ready to ride with Jesse McCarney, Ke$ha, Zedd, Pitbull, The Neighbourhood, and more!

Rockin’ 80s Train – Who doesn’t like a good Interval Ride that will have you torching calories while rocking out to some great 80s music!?!  This interval ride is a huge it in my classes, and it is constantly requested time and time again.

You’ll jump (a lot), sprint, run, climb, and hit a tabata all in one ride!  This ride will make you feel like the rockin’ badass you are!!

Get your rock on with Van Halen, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Poison, AC/DC, and more!

 Just Some Hills – Who doesn’t love a ride full of varying hills!?!  Heck, who doesn’t love hills in a great indoor cycling class!?!

This ride may be titled “Just” Some Hills, but these hills are anything but “just”.  You’ll find yourself on medium and heavy hills for most of this strength building ride while you sprint, climb, take cadence holds, and more, so get ready to sweat and increase your strength during this ride!

Climb those hills with Kenny Loggins, Destiny’s Child, Aerosmith, P.O.D, Rednex, Pitbull, Britney Spears, and more

Don’t Slow Down – The title of this Strength Ride says it all.  This ride will have you climbing hills, running on hills, taking increased cadence holds, just a few jumps for fun, and more to have you feeling like the master of any hill!

Keep that speed going during this ride with Train, ZZ Top, Imagine Dragons, Afrojack, KT Tunstall, One Republic, and more!

Tour de Strength – This Strength Ride is not for  the faint of heart.  It is all about building both your endurance and strength.  You’ll build with heavy climbs and awesome cadence holds that will have you feeling like you can conquer anything by the end of your ride!  Of course there are some fun light hills too!

Some of the artists you get to rock out to in this ride are:  Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Sugar Ray, Guns N’ Roses, Daft Punk, Queen, and more!!

Strength Loops – This awesome Strength ride consists of 6 loops that will take you up a hill with different sprints and climbs.  Get ready to have class fly by on these hills, because you will be too busy moving and challenging yourself to notice the time!

Sprint Mashup – Get ready to sweat and burn calories in this fun music mashup ride!  You’ll find 3 long loops in this Strength ride, taking you through some awesome sprints and climbs.  Each loop is broken up with some fun climbs, cadence holds, and more!

Take It Higher – Are you ready to rock your endurance and strength?  This Strength ride will help you build more endurance and show you how truly strong you are!  Get ready for a ride full of cadence holds, sprints, and more.  Time will fly by as you sweat buckets, burn calories, and build strength.

Rock out to great 80s music in this ride from Kenny Loggins, Poisen, Quiet Riot, AC/DC, and more!

I Gotta Tabata Feeling – The title of this ride says it all!  TABATA!!

Get ready to test your strength on this fast paced, tabata filled ride.  You get to work hard doing three tabatas during this ride, but the fun doesn’t just stop with the tabatas!  You also get to climb, sprint, jump, and feel totally awesome about everything you accomplish in this ride!  When you are finished you will be drenched in sweat and smiling!

 Run!! – Time to RUN!!  This Interval ride will take you on a few hills to break up the increasing run times you have throughout this sweat filled ride!  Have fun challenging your endurance and speed!

I Love the 90s – I’m a huge fan of the 90s!!  Therefore, it only stands to reason, that I would love nothing more to workup a good sweat cycling to some awesome 90s hits!! This ride is just full of fun 90s music that will take you back and make you smile.  During this Interval ride you will change up what you do from song to song.  Get ready to pick up that pace and do tons of jumps too (90s music is perfect for jumping!!)

Pick Up That Pace! – Who really wants to slow down in an indoor cycling class!?!  With this awesome fast paced Interval ride, we are really kicking it up a notch and not slowing down.  This ride is full of fun cadence holds, sprints, jumps, and more!  I also have some awesome fast paced music to keep you going!  Some of the artists are: Britney Spears, Pitbull, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and more.

Rock of Ages – Get ready to rock out during this sweat filled 80s hair band ride!  You will sprint, jump, climb (sometimes in just one song) to great artists like, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi, Poison, and more!  This Interval ride will fly by and rock your world!

Interval Time– The title of this ride says it all…It’s Interval Time Baby!!  Get ready to challenge yourself with fast runs, cadence holds, jumps, and more!!  You’ll love how you feel after this ride and all you accomplished!

Three Hills – This ride will take you on three different hills that will have you burnin’ and sweatin’

 Something Big – Something Big is Coming and this ride is it!!  Get ready to rock it with this intermediate/advanced cycling Interval ride!  This ride has 3 Big working sets in it.  The first set is just 7 minutes, the second set ups the anti at 8 minutes, and the third set is an awesome 10 minutes.  This power house ride will have you pumped and sweating from the beginning.  But don’t worry!  There are recoveries and other fun moves to break up the longer working sets.

Decades of Hills – Get ready to climb 3 awesome hills, while you jam out to 3 decades worth of hits!  This Strength ride will have those muscles working, sweat pouring, and your endurance challenged!  This ride is a huge favorite in all the indoor cycling classes I teach and is heavily requested time and time again!

Hell Yeah! – The title of this ride says it all!!  This is what you will be saying after class, because you will feel so awesome about every challenge you just took on and crushed!  Each song in this Interval ride will challenge you with some speed work (tabatas) and other fun challenges!

It’s a Goodie – Get ready to challenge yourself with something new during each song in this Strength ride.  You’ll love the way you challenge yourself and/or your class with cadence holds, isolations, and more!

Down in the Now – Get ready for some great strength work in this ride!  Each song will take you through different hills and challenges, along with awesome music to make you want to work even harder!

9 Minute Pyramids – Say hello to the calorie burning ride of your dreams!!  This interval ride had two huge 9 minute working pyramids.  Now the pyramid part only refers to going up in time on your sprints during they pyramid…The sprints are going to feel like your recoveries between all the awesome climbing and standing work you will do between them.  Don’t worry, I broke the two pyramids up with some fun climbs (maybe more sprints) between them.

Pit Stop – Back in about 2012 or 2013 a Pitbull ride was requested by one of my regulars.  I was honestly suprised that I never came up with an all Pitbull ride myself, but I got home and had a blast putting it together. This Interval ride is fast paced and keeps you moving.  There are three longer working segments that have you in and out of the saddle on medium and heavy hills.  The majority of the ride is on a light hill and goes from one jamming Pitbull song to the next.  Get ready to jump, climb, and run your way to the finish line with this fun loving ride!

80’s Movie Theme Ride – Ready to go back in time?  Get ready to hit those movie classics with this fast paced interval ride!  You’ll jam, sprint, jump, and climb to hits from The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Footloose, Flashdance, and more!  You’ll be too busy singing to notice the work you are doing!

Sing Along Ride – Time to sing and cycle to this fun heart pounding Interval ride filled with classic songs for everyone to sing along to!  Each song will have you changing up what you do, and you’ll be way too busy singing along that you won’t even notice how hard you are working on those jumps, sprints, climbs, and more!  Sing along with Britney Spears, Starship, The Bangles, Van Morrison, and more!!

Calorie Burner Are you ready to torch some calories??  This fast paced Interval ride will have you flying over hills and thru the valleys.  Not to mention some fun Jumps to make you feel alive!

Pitch Perfect RideGet ready to rock out to awesome hits from the Pitch Perfect movie and sweat buckets during this Interval Ride!  Some songs you will be running, jumping, and sprinting all in one song; while, in others you are just climbing, sprinting, jumping.

10 thoughts on “Spinning Profiles

  1. emily

    I did your One Big Pyramid class yesterday, but split it into 2 classes since I was teaching back-to-back. One class went up and one went down, and I added a few other elements, but everyone LOVED it! Awesome class. Please continue posting profiles! I’ve been teaching for 2 months, and would love more ideas. Thanks!

  2. elizabeth

    Can you suggest any name of songs or music list you use for this workouts. Thanks.it’s my first time on this site and I love it thanks very much.

    1. fromfltond Post author

      I have songs to go along with each of the rides posted on the ride itself. If you are looking for a continuous music mix try the Now That’s What I Call a Workout mixes. There are several of them out, and they use the original artists. I use “Yes!” music to mix my Booty Barre class music.

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  4. Mayra

    Love your rides. You helped me when I lost some rides before and I appreciated it. I alter them a bit but they are great.

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