Bipolar Valentine

For Valentines Day I wanted to have something for everyone, and sometimes we hate Valentines and sometimes we love it.  Therefore, I put together a play list that has both romance songs and love sucks songs.  I always have a method to my madness when putting together a profile, but sticking with the bipolar theme I didn’t have any pattern to this profile.

Bipolar Valentine

Forget You 3:44

  • Warm-Up

Angel  5:08

  • Climbing song repeating below for the song
  • Add 3 gears 20 sec
  • Take 2 gears off 20 sec

I’m a Believer, Smash Mouth  3:03

  • 15 sec sprints on light hill

You Give Love a Bad Name 3:44

  • Build momentum for 10 sec in 3rd on med/heavy-heavy hill
  • Sit and keep cadence up for 20 sec
  • Stand/recover in 2nd
  • Repeat all of above 3x

I Would Do Anything for Love 7:41

  • Go along with the music
  • During the song we will climb, standing run, jumps

My Life Would Suck Without You 3:32

  • Sprints on Chorus

More Than a Feeling 4:45

  • Climb

Hot N Cold 3:40

  • Jumps

I Will Survive 3:18

  • Run in 2nd

I Like Your Smile 4:22

  • 30 sec standing climb
  • 30 sec seated climb
  • 15 sec sprint

Take Me Home Tonight 3:31

  • 15 sec standing climb
  • 45 sec seated climb
  • 15 sec sprint
  • Repeat

International Love 3:47

  • 20 sec sprint
  • 20 recover in 2nd

Cool Down

  • I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You 3:26
    Glory of Love 4:21
    Kiss From A Rose 4:48
    Killing Me Softly With His Song 4:59

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