Killer Ladders

I let my class name this ride, so I guess the name speaks for itself!  Hope you enjoy sweating as much as we did!

Killer Ladders


  • Beautiful Life 3:55 & Blown Away 4:00

Section 1:  You Get What You Give 5:02

  • 20 sec seated sprint on a medium hill 70-100 RPMs
  • 20 sec seated climb on medium hill 70-75 RPMs
  • 20 sec standing jog on a medium hill
  • Repeat above until song ends (if you have beginners leave time to recover)

Section 2:  OMG 4:29, Just Dance 4:02

  • Climb sprint ladder by 10 sec
  • Seated w/medium res
  • 10 sec on, 10 sec off, 20 sec on, 20 sec off, 30 sec on, 30 sec off
    • Repeat above
    • 1 min recovery

Section 3:  Mr. Jones 4:32, Mr. Saxobeat 3:15, My Life Would Suck Without You 3:32, Rag Doll 4:25, Ice Ice Baby 4:25

  • 1 min increase resistance every 15 sec 3x…recover 15 sec (repeat )
  • 4 min seated climb, increase resistance every 30 sec….come out of saddle when needed
  • 1 min standing run
  • 1 min recover
  • Repeat all of above

Section 4Single Ladies 3:13, Life is a Highway 4:37, Good Time 3:26, Candyman 3:14, Dynamite 3:24, Hey Baby 3:56, Ride 3:55

  • Each section is 30 sec and add one drill until all are included
    • Example:
      • 30 sec sprint
      • 30 sec recover
      • 30 sec sprint
      • 30 sec seated climb
      • 30 sec recover…..
    • 30 sec seated sprint
    • 30 sec seated climb
    • 30 sec standing jog
    • 30 sec standing sprint
    • 30 sec heavy hill
    • 30 sec hover
    • (If you have an advanced class, do the whole drill one extra time)

Section 5:  Hey Ya 4:02

  • Tabata on a light hill seated or in 3rd 80-110 RPMs
  • 20 sec sprint, 10 sec recover

Cool Down

8 thoughts on “Killer Ladders

      1. Susan Carlson

        this looks awesome! I have a few questions on the workout??? Are you still getting these comments?

  1. Gina

    Hi there, This looks like a great ride! I’ve been doing some tabata rides in my classes and the members love them. I’ve been using tabata songs on iTunes that imbed the prompts to indicate when to start your 20 seconds and when to take your 10 second rest. I’d love to start including some ladders as well but I’m wondering how best to do the timing. How do you keep track and what do you use? Thank you!

    1. fromfltond Post author

      The bikes that we spin on have computers on them. Those computers also have timers on them, so I use the that. You could also use your Ipod for a timer. Before Ipods and computers on our bikes, I used to use a regular old clock with a second hand. I would have that clock sitting on the floor next to my bike and would keep time that way. I also would strap my watch around the handle bar and start the timer on it, and then I could keep time that way. Let me know if you need more ideas!

  2. Gina

    Thank you, that’s helpful. One other question…my other hesitation to try ladders is finding songs that will match the intervals. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find myself being so beat driven that I’m not sure I could find songs with a constant enough beat that the ladder would work for me. That’s one of the reasons I love the tabata songs that have the cues built in because the beat is the same for the entire 20 second interval. Does that make sense? Do you have any song suggestions? And since I’m writing, I’m also always looking for good songs for jumps. Thank you so much!

    1. fromfltond Post author

      Hi Gina! Sorry it took me longer to get back to your questions. Super busy with travel and work. As for being beat driven…That is very common for instructors, and I totally understand what you mean. If you want to make sure all your songs are the same beat, try Yes! Fitness Music. You can put together your own mixes and select your BPM. I use this website to mix playlists for my BootyBarre classes. I have to have a specific BPM for those classes.
      Songs for jumps…I could do a whole blog post on that, and I really should. Thank you for the idea!! My favorite jump song is Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus. I do 4 count jumps during the chorus. I find this is a great jump song for beginners, since the jumping time is relatively short. Of course, I love Van Halen’s Jump for jumps. I’ll get a blog post up with my top jump songs. I really need to pull out my binders with all my rides and go through them. Hope this has helped you some!


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