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Not Thanksgiving Again!

In all honesty, I truly hate Thanksgiving.  I’m just like that turkey on the wire trying to hide.  It is the only time of the year when I’m forced to cook a massive meal (90% of which I don’t like) and then clean up the massive mess I made creating said meal.  Of course, I’m leaving out the preparation of the whole debacle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, I just hate having to cook a massive meal I don’t like and creates a huge mess.  Not to mention the smell of green bean casserole, which my husband cannot live without.  It makes me want to gag every year.

I know many of you out there are saying, well cook food that you like too.  My response is:  I’m too dang tired from cooking all the other foods to even consider making something for myself.  Then, there is the extra clean up from the extra food I would make for myself.


This year I have had a stroke of luck!  I’m working Thanksgiving morning!!  I think I’m the only person who could be happy about something like this, but I am.  Woohooo!!  I’ll be teaching a “Burn the Bird” 60 minute Spinning class at our gym.  So, since it takes me an hour just to get to work, I won’t be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner, and my husband gets to do it all!!  0000760_300Hubby will also be brining the turkey.  I ordered the brine from Williams-Sonoma before I hadWilliams-Sonoma Apple & Spices Turkey Brine the option of working on Thanksgiving (I’m the only one teaching that day, and the gym is only open till noon).  Everyone raves about their turkeys when they brine them, so I figured that we could give it a try this year.  Since this is my husband’s first time cooking a turkey and brining it, I wish him the best of luck!!  Our son says he will, “help him and make sure that he doesn’t create too much smoke,” in the kitchen while he is cooking.  I may just like this years Thanksgiving after all!

For those of you who would still like to get a workout in on Thanksgiving, but cannot go to the gym, here is another 300 Workout you can do at home!
300 Workout #2

Time to Feel the Burn!

Last week at the gym a student in my class was asking me if I’ve ever heard of CrossFit and if so if I’d ever done any of the workouts.  A small giggle escaped from my lips after I was asked this question.  The first thought that came to my mind was my butt getting handed to me the first time I tried a CrossFit workout at a gym back in Florida.

The goal of a CrossFit workout is to do rounds of exercises with multiple reps and with only  a few exercises while trying not to slow down.  It is a short workout with amazing results!  I have come to love the CrossFit workouts, and they give you great results.  Not to mention you make improvements with each workout.

I went into my first CrossFit session in great shape, and was ready for the CrossFit challenge.  Shortly into our workout I discovered that I was going to get my butt handed to me on a silver platter.  Thankfully, I was doing this circuit style workout with some amazing people who were giving me advice and motivating me through the whole thing.  Without them I would have thrown in the towel.  I should mention that I was an idiot and did not start out with a beginner CrossFit class.  Instead, I jumped right into an upper level class.  Genius huh!?!  Coming out of that class I felt like I earned some kind of medal.  I have done several CrossFit sessions (starting at a beginner level) since and have loved the challenges and improvements I’ve made in each workout session.


The CrossFit workout we did that day was the workout the actors from the movie “300” did for their initial assessment.  The 300 workout was developed by the trainer to the actors, Mark Twight.  The training regimen these actors went through was intense.  According to the studio’s press release and Mark’s subsequent articles on the subject he was training the actors, “To support fight preparation the training emphasized athleticism by combining compound movements, lifting and throwing. Primitive tools–medicine balls, kettlebells, and rings–were used instead of machines.”


Mark’s focus on training these athlete-actors was on full-body movements with heavy resistance, such as that offered by his organization for modern warriors. Mark says that the “300 Workout” was not the actual physical training conducted, but more of a fitness assessment and morale builder. (Livestrong)

‘300’ is a one-time test, an invitation-only challenge undertaken by those deemed ready for it.” Mark says.  The test consisted of the following exercises performed back-to-back:
CrossFit 300

Ya, see what I mean about intense?  Can you say feel the burn?

If you don’t feel that you are up to the “300 Workout”, here is a “lighter” versions of 300 workouts I do at home!  I’ll have another 300 workout posted tomorrow!  Remember to stretch when you finish!
300 Workout #2