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4th of July Ride

Happy early 4th of July y’all!!

I don’t know about you, but our summer is flying by.  Between my son’s different sports, and our jobs, it is nonstop on the go right now.  I hope everyone is having a fun and active summer too!

This summer has also allowed me the chance to get back into the weight room and lift weights seriously again.  I have my wonderful friend Claudine to thank for my reemergence in the weight room.  Without her as a workout buddy, my butt would continue to be lazy with the weights.  We had a great first month of working out together with some amazing gains!  Looking forward to what July brings with our workouts.

Today I taught an awesome and fun 4th of July ride in my spin class.  I tried to keep the song titles “American/Independence/Something just related to the 4th” themed.  My son told me I was really stretching it by adding Pitbull’s Celebrate song.  I went with the whole, “We are CELEBRATING the independence of our country,” reasoning.  He then rolled his eyes at me.  But hey!  You just gotta have a fast paced Pitbull song in your ride.

Click here to go to my new website for this great 4th of July ride!!


Anyway, we had a blast sweating and working during class today!  Since it was a special ride today, that also meant we had to have glow-in-the-dark necklaces for the ride.  We then followed the ride up with a blueberry custard cake and vanilla ice cream…Totally and completely healthy/nutritious calories too.  Sadly you can’t see everyone in the pic above, but I promise you they are smiling!


I also wore my totally “American” fitness instructor’s tank top.  It’s our Duty to kick your Booty!  My awesome friend Jalene put this tank top together for me.

Wishing everyone an awesome and safe 4th this year!!


Quick Lady Update


I wanted to thank everyone for their emails, comments, prayers, and positive thoughts for Lady and her surgery.  It really meant so much to us!  Lady is currently doing well, and recovering from her surgery.  Each day she is getting more of her “pep” back, because each day Lady is getting back to being bossier and bossier.


And the Snow Begins

First snow 2013

Well, winter is here.  Thankfully we have a few days of temps in the 50s coming our way soon, so I won’t totally flip out about the snow on the ground this morning.  As you can see in the picture above, I need more time to get all my EarthBoxes and flower pots cleaned out and put away for winter.  Not to mention all the deck furniture.  I just need mother nature to give me one good day of sunny nice weather.

In the meantime, I’m keeping warm making my Crock Pot Loaded Potato Soup and Funeral Sandwiches (recipe to come soon!) for our company that is in town visiting and hunting.

Carolyn’s Ride

This is a quick 30 minute ride.  This ride was originally a song list I put together for my wonderful friend Carolyn who taught a 30 minute Express Ride at my gym in Florida.  I’ve taken out Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” and put in Rihanna’s “Cheers.”

This will be what I will be teaching at my 12:15pm Cycle Express class today.  Then I will get in some quick weights and do my Biceps and Triceps Workout.

Rolling Decades

Today is my first cycling class that I’m teaching at the Y!  It is so hard to choose what profile you want to teach for your very first class.  I always want to make sure the music is something everyone will love, so I went back and pulled out my Rolling Decades profile, and I made a few changes to it.  Pitbull’s “Back In Time”  song is perfect for the warm-up! The warm-up I used to use was “Timewarp”.  Then, of course I had to update the “Today Hill”.  Lets hope my first class enjoys it!Fingers crossed


  • Back In Time (From “Men In Black III”) 3:26

70s Hill

  • You Should Be Dancing 4:18

                 Steady, gradual climb from easy-moderate to moderate

                 Last 1:00 come out of seat and add res

  • Black Betty 3:58

                 Moderate climb

                Add res and sprint during chorus

  • Stayin Alive 4:45

                Steep, steady climb

80s Hill

  • We Built This City 4:56

                 Steady, gradual climb from easy-moderate to moderate   90-100 RPM

                 Last 1:00 come out of seat and add res

  • Walk This Way 5:09

                 Moderate climb

                 Add res and sprint during chorus

  • Pour Some Sugar On Me 4:53

                Steep, steady climb

90s Hill

  • Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) 4:04 90-100 RPM

                Steady, gradual climb from easy-moderate to moderate

                Add res @ 1:45 for 30 sec jumps and keep res (8 sec…4 sec)

                Last 1:00 come out of seat

  • Just a Girl 3:29

                Moderate climb

                Add res and sprint during chorus

  • Free Your Mind 4:53

               Steep, steady climb

               Come into 3rd @ 2:00 for 1:00

Today’s Hill

  • Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 4:17 90-100

               Steady, gradual climb from easy-moderate to moderate

               Add res @ 2:00 for 30 sec jumps and keep res (8 sec…4 sec)

               Last 1:00 come out of seat

  • We Run the Night 3:49

              Moderate climb

              Add res and sprint during chorus

  • Titanium 4:05

              Steep, steady climb

              Come into 3rd @ 2:30 for 1:00


  • Princess of China 3:59

A New Job!!!

Good Morning Y’All!  Sorry I have not posted in awhile.  Things got beyond busy with my son’s swimming and my own crazy schedule.  However, out of all of this I have some wonderful news!  I have a new job!!!  I will be back in the gym teaching again!

Here is the short version of how this all came to be.

After not being in a gym for 2 years I just about lost my mind.  I’m one of those crazy people who walk into a gym with a smile on their face and are ready to workout.  So, I joined the closest gym to us (over an hour drive one way) the day my son went back to school.  During my first week at the gym (YMCA) the fitness class director found out that I was a Spinning instructor and asked me if I could start teaching classes there.  Well, of course I started jumping up and down and saying yes!  Talk about a great week for me!

I will start teaching 3 cycling classes a week starting Oct 1st.  Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15am and a 30-minute express ride Fridays at 12:15pm.  I’ve already started putting together new ride profiles, so if you live in the Minot area head over for one of my classes!  I’m putting together a Pre-Halloween ride on the 30th of October.  There will be glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces, along with door prizes and other goodies!  I’m an absolute nut when it comes to Halloween!  I mean what more could you want from a holiday other than fun and goodies!?!

Keep checking back, because I will start posting my cycling profiles that I teach!