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It’s Friday!!

Woohooo!  The weekend is almost here!

snow fun

What a week we have had!  The blizzard on Sunday and Monday brought a lot of snow to play in, and my son and I took advantage of it.  We have over 4 1/2 feet of snow in our front yard.  My 7 year old can now touch the tree branches from the top of the snow in our yard!

post workout  Lady snoring

I got in some great workouts and had fun teaching my Spinning classes.  My favorite workout was an upper body workout pyramid I came up with on Wednesday.  I’m still sore from it.  As you can see, Lady was on the couch behind me loudly snoring.  She is so great when it comes to encouraging me to work harder during my workouts.


Wednesday I got to go out for a much needed drink with friends.  I haven’t had a chance to go out with them in months, and I loved hearing their stories about getting chased by Girl Scouts trying to sell their cookies at the mall.

Sweat Pink

I just was selected as a Sweat Pink Ambassador a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to join such an inspiring group of women. My Sweat Pink gear came in the mail yesterday, and I’m already wearing it in pride.  I’m looking forward to working with Sweat Pink to inspire others through my blog and my stories as others have inspired me. Sweat Pink is a, “Movement where tough and girly come together at last. It’s all about sharing the joy that comes from living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a celebration of hard work and well-earned rewards. Our pink shoelaces are a proud demonstration of all we’ve achieved, and all we plan to become.”


We had a little change in our menu, so I’ll be making the Caprese Pasta from Aris Menu tonight.  I’m really looking forward to trying this new recipe out!


This morning I made my Power Protein Smoothie.  I’ll hit the elliptical before I teach my spinning class and here is what I’m doing.

How was your week?  Did you do anything special?
30 Min Elliptical

Best Body Bootcamp and Elliptical Time


Another round of Best Body Bootcamp is coming to an end today.  Just like the last round, I got great workouts from Tina each week.  I love how all my muscles get worked during each workout, and the differences that I see in my body.

One of the greatest things about the challenge (at least for me) are the two personal goals Tina asks us to make each week.  For this round of the challenge some of my goals have been making sure to drink water all day long, stretching for 15 min each day, journaling my food intake each day (keeping track of protein and calories), getting to bed by 10:30 pm, only 2 cups of coffee each day, and eating 6 servings of fruit/veggies each day.  I find that these goals make me feel better both from the health and personal stand points.


The next round of Best Body Bootcamp starts back up on April 1st.  Guess who will sign up again?  Yup that’s right…I will. I’m totally in love with Tina’s workouts, and I’m already excited about all the new workouts Tina will have for us!  Registration will open on March 4th for the next round of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, and I highly suggest you sign up too.

It is only $25, and you get great workouts for every week!! Where can you go wrong? Not only do you get 8 weeks worth of amazing workouts you can do at home…you get huge cash prizes! At the end of the 8 weeks there will be five $1000 cash prizes! Then each week there will be a $100 cash prize! The prizes are determined/based on your consistency and commitment to staying active and achieving personal health and fitness goals of your choosing. This is NOT about who loses the most weight/inches or looks “the best” in progress photos. It IS about staying committed to better choices and habits, challenging yourself, and making a lifestyle change for the better.

Here is an overview of how the program works:

  • Every two weeks, Tina emails everyone in the group new workouts with detailed instructions and links to online videos to watch in case you’re unsure about how to do certain exercises. Tina also offers modifications of each exercise in case you need an easier version of the exercise or a harder version of the exercise. About 90% of the workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home using free weights and stability balls. If it is an exercise that calls for a machine at the gym, Tina gives you an at-home version of the exercise in case you cannot go to the gym.

What do you look for in a workout or workout program?

Today I’m doing my Best Body Bootcamp workout, teaching a Spinning class, and doing the elliptical workout below.  This is an elliptical workout I had in my 2007 fitness note book…I have many notebooks.  I’m using it for my warm-up!  Remember to stretch when you are done!
20 Minute Elliptical Workout

Pre-Turkey Workout

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and with that comes a ton of food!  I just read a study that said the average American will consume 1 stick of butter on Thanksgiving (the amount of butter in the cooked food and added as a condiment).  How crazy is that!?!  Try to keep this in mind tomorrow, and when you are eating leftovers too!  Here is a chart of the amount of calories in one Thanksgiving meal and the exercises to burn it off.  My friend, Katie, found this, and I thought it was pretty neat.

Also, try to do a workout on Thanksgiving too!  I’ll be teaching a 60 minute “Burn the Bird” spinning class at our gym.  There are also a lot of 5Ks going on around the country on Thanksgiving too.  Get a group of friends together and go to one!  Don’t worry about not running it…just go do it!  You will be surprised at all the walkers out there doing 5Ks!

If you cannot get out of the house to workout, check out some of the workouts I have created that you can do at home on my Workouts page.  I also have a treadmill  and elliptical workouts page with great intervals that will make your time on these machines fly by!

Here is a new 30 minute Elliptical Workout that will really get those muscles burning!
30 Minute Elliptical Burn

Let’s Talk Snow

Well, it finally came.  Our first blizzard of the year!  In one night we got about a foot of the white stuff. I didn’t even bother to get up to look outside as soon as I woke up to see how much we got.  I was too afraid of what I might see.  Instead, I grabbed my Blackberry and got on Facebook.  There it was…A post from my wonderful and thoughtful friend, Melissa, on my wall.  What you may ask did she post?  Well, she was kind enough to post a link to the “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” song on my wall page.  Dear sweet Melissa knows how much I truly hate the snow and was thoughtful enough to share her love for the white stuff.  I still got a really good laugh out of it, and that is what I needed.  After seeing her post, I knew there would be a lot of snow on the ground.  So, the dogs and I got our butts out of bed.  Apparently I was not moving fast enough for Hank and Tilly, because they started doing their little happy dances while I was trying to put socks on.  They were all excited about the new fresh snow to romp and play in, and boy was there a lot of snow to play in!

You would think that all this snow would deter my husband and his friend from hunting at 7 am that morning, but it didn’t.  They told us that they “had to” go since it will be the last chance they get to hunt ducks this year since all the water will be frozen over after that day.  To top it off both men were crazy enough to drive on roads that were covered in over 8 inches of snow just to shoot some ducks.  Thankfully they didn’t have any problems and had a great hunt!


As for me, well I decided to shovel our long driveway for my workout.  I was sweatin’ in no time.  Talk about a good core, arm, and leg workout!


After shoveling snow, my son and his friend had a ball playing in the snow and riding in a sled while being pulled around by our friend’s four-wheeler.  For as much as I hate this white stuff on the ground, it is a ton of fun to see my son laughing and playing in it.  Afterwards they came into our friend’s house all pink cheeked and ready for some hot chocolate to warm up with.

On to a workout…I forgot to post this elliptical workout earlier in the week when I did it.  SorrySad smile.  This is a 20 minute workout, and is one butt busting hill.  It will tone up that bootie!
20 Minute Elliptical Intervals