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Bootie Buster Challenge

I have had such a great week when it comes to working out!


I have to give credit to Tina Reale’s Best Body Boot Camp and the Holiday Bootie Busterburpee Challenge.  These two fitness challenges have kept me motivated and happy all week.  The workouts Tina gave us this week were good.  Nothing like over 100 burpees to keep you going and feeling motivatedSmile!  I feel like I should own a t-shirt that says…”I survived the Burpee Challenge”.  My body is loving the challenge and so am I.  However, I may be saying some 4 letter words while doing themSmile.


The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge is making working out and eating healthy more fun than it has ever been, and I must admit I’m more motivated to work out and eat healthy with this challenge.  This challenge is about keeping you motivated to stay active during the winter and holidays.  The best thing about this challenge is that you don’t even have to take classes at a gym, or even go to the gym. You can count those workout videos and other workouts you do at home too! Plus this challenge has a ton of great prizes!!

The challenge is divided into groups based on your workout levels:

  • Low Profile:5K, 10K, cardio class master (includes CrossFit)
  • Cushioned:Half marathon/marathon/distance biking
  • Stability:Half Ironman or more
  • Minimalist: Yoga/Weight lifting

You should expect to continue earning points for activity in any area,cross training, but by selecting your primary activity throughout the challenge you can be more competitive for the top points prizes.

And here is a breakdown of the points you earn…


cleaning-girl-cleanI swear I have turned into a kid when it comes to earning points.  I want to do whatever I can to earn as many points in a day as I can.  It makes me so happy to earn a point for something.  For example, those bonus cleaning points that I told you about in yesterday’s post….I was happy to clean, and I was looking forward to cleaning because I was going to earn a point for every hour I spent cleaning.  Oh how I wish I could earn points and possibly get prizes for cleaning all year round.Smile


Thanksgiving was the first day that I earned a point for eating all my fruit and veggies (5-7 servings)!!  It has been hard to get at least 5 servings a day.  Not getting any points in that category for 3 days straight really bugged me.  We always have fruits and veggies with our meals in our home, but I had no idea we were lacking several servings each day.  I posted about this on the Holiday Bootie Buster Facebook Page and received a ton of ideas from everyone.  I’m now preplanning the fruits and veggies my family will eat each day, and I’m also back to making my protein smoothies.  I cannot believe that I completely forgot about all the fruit I put in one smoothie.  So, yesterday I made myself a post workout protein smoothie, and here is the recipe!!  For all you Holiday Challenge girls this baby has a total of 3 servings of fruits/veggies!!!

Power Protein Smoothie

Power Protein Smoothie

  • 1/2 c frozen blueberries
    1/2 c frozen sliced strawberries and sliced bananas combined
    1 c baby spinach…regular would work fine too
    6 oz. Greek yogurt (you can choose the flavor or just plain)
    1 scoop protein powder
    1 T ground flax seed (optional)
    milk (enough to allow everything to blend)

Place everything in your blender and blend!  You will have a healthy protein packed smoothie for before or after your workout.

HBBC Points as of 11/24/12

  • Spinning:  28
    Weight Lifting and core work:  7
    Yoga:  8
    Pilates:  4
    WOW:  1
    Fruits/Veggies:  3
    Bonus:  10
    Total HBBC Points so far:  61