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Crazy Eights

Yesterday was such a nice day.  The sun was out and that always makes me feel better.  I taught my two spinning classes in the morning and afternoon.  They were unusually small, but I had a great time laughing my way through one of the classes.  It is always nice when you have people in your class that make you laugh and smile through the whole ride.  It really makes my day.


My son only had school for one day this week (lucky little bugger).  He is officially on spring break now, so to celebrate, he asked to take out the Yonanas machine last night and make “fruit yogurt”.  I honestly love our Yonanas machine and have written a post about it before.  All you do is add fruit and push it through the machine, and it comes out like soft serve ice cream.  It is so easy, and my son is the one to always make our Yonanas fruit desserts.  Last night he made us a combination of strawberries, pineapple, mango, and peaches.  I loved it and had seconds without feeling guilty since it was 100% fruit and nothing else.


Today both my son and I are off to the gym.  He is running his St. Baldricks Virtual Race before swimming.  Check out the medal and great swag he all got for this race in the above picture!  After we are done at the gym, we are heading to my new favorite restaurant in Minot, Big Time Bistro with Rita and Devin for lunch.  I’ve been craving their Chicken Bruschetta sandwich since I had it last Friday for lunch.

Workout Wednesday 2

Today’s workout has a fun “8” theme to it.  For each exercise you will do eight 2 count reps, then eight single count reps, and finally eight reps pulsing.  You may feel the burn in your legs today sooner than usual.  Remember to stretch when you are done.
Crazy 8s Leg Workout


Boy do I have something fun to share with y’all today! It is Yonanas!! I just love saying the name.


This wonderful machine totally rocks when it comes to turning frozen fruit into soft serve. That’s right! It turns frozen fruit into the consistency of soft serve ice cream. So, if you are looking for a fun way to get your kids (or yourself Smile) to eat their fruit this is a great way! Plus it is super easy to use, pull apart, and is dishwasher safe (It doesn’t come into my house unless I can put it in the dishwasher).

All you need is some frozen fruit. You can freeze your own or buy some frozen fruit in the freezer section at your local grocery store. You then put the frozen fruit in the tube and use the plunger to push it through the machine. It is so easy! Even my 7 year old son can do it, and he had a ton of fun doing it too!


Then, the Yonanas machine blends the frozen fruit and turns it into soft serve! I was skeptical at first, but it came out perfect. For our first try my son wanted banana and strawberry swirl. He isn’t one for trying something easy first. We put frozen sliced strawberries and bananas through the machine, and we got our strawberry banana swirl!!


I was next!! Since blending worked so well for my son, I decided to blend some fruit together myself. My choice: blueberry, banana, pineapple swirl! It came out perfectly and I loved the combination. My bowl of swirled fruit had a total of 3 servings of fruit. My son ended up eating 6 servings of fruit by the time we were finished! Our next plan is to freeze Greek yogurt in an ice cube tray and put the frozen cubes of yogurt through the Yonanas machine along with the fruit. It doesn’t say that you can do this, but I love experimenting!


I honestly love this machine! It is such a great way to make eating fruit fun, and there are no added sweeteners at all! This is all 100% fruit and nothing else! I know it will be getting a lot of use in our household, and I bet you will love it too! Yonanas is available at your local Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Well, I can’t post without putting something workout related into it, so here is a 30 minute elliptical workout I did last week, but haven’t gotten around to posting yet (sorry). I tend to turn my elliptical time into a spinning routine, so there are some sprints thrown into this one. Enjoy!
30 Minute Elliptical with sprints

Sweat and an Easy Protein Smoothie

Shoulders, Jacks, & Abs

This is an easy shoulder circuit that I do when I need a quick workout!

You will do 3 sets of shoulders while doing Jumping Jacks and Abs in-between each shoulder rep. I usually do a 1 min recovery time in-between each set. Get ready to sweat!

After my workout I made a quick and Easy Fruit Protein Smoothie.

I used already cut frozen fruit (using frozen fruit makes the smoothie thicker), 6 oz of Greek fruit yogurt, protein powder, and milk.

I then blended it in my little blender

And you end up with a super easy, delicious, and healthy smoothie!!  Enjoy!!