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Thursday Butt Bustin’ Time!

Good morning y’all!!  We are set to have another great day here in ND…No, I’m not being sarcastic..yet (it may snow next week).  But, for now, we are still loving our warm temps and clear blue skies.


I had some free time this morning, so I thought I would share a treadmill workout I put together for a friend.  AKA, I’m totally avoiding folding two loads of laundry, and giving Hank and Tilly a bath.  These are not my favorite chores to do, so I’m stalling.  Just like any full grown woman would do.  Tilly heard me say the “bath” word and went into hiding under my desk.  Therefore, I decided to take my cue from her, sit down with her at my desk, and type up a post.

This totally butt bustin’ 30 minute walking workout takes you on quite a few hills.  And, boy will these hills make your butt feel awesome!  The best part is how this workout will fly by.  You will be so busy changing your hills, that you won’t feel like you have been on the dreadmill…I mean treadmill for forever.

Happy Butt Bustin’!!

30 min Butt Bustin Hills

Tips for Eating Clean and Healthy


Yesterday I wrote about what clean eating is.  Today I wanted to share with you my tips for making clean eating easier in your own house.

First off, since there is no definite definition of “clean eating” you need to figure out how you define “clean eating.”  I define it as taking anything processed, enriched, full of chemicals, or refined out of your diet.  Basically, I avoid feeding my family anything that is not natural (i.e. it must come from nature or animal).  I would also like to point out that I’m not a dietitian…Just a mom trying to keep her family healty.

Tip #1: Read the Ingredients

Avoid packaged foods containing ingredients you would not normally keep in your pantry.  Avoid any food that has high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients list and the word hydrogenated.  Those two ingredients are beyond bad.  As for all those other crazy ingredients dipotassium, ethoxylated diglycerides, Ammonium sulfate, etc.…Don’t know what these ingredients are? Neither do I. That’s why I don’t eat them! Heck, I cannot even pronounce them!

Tip #2:  Eat healthy fruits, veggies, lean meats, and seafood.

I don’t think I need to list all of these for you.  They all go great when put together in a meal, so have a great time cooking and eating them.

Tip #3:  Take your time to sit down and plan your menu and grocery shopping list for the week. 


This meal plan came from The Nourishing Home. Check out her site for meal plans by clicking on the meal plan above!

I know you are busy and it takes time to figure out what you will feed yourself and your family for the week. Sometimes you just swing by the store on the way home and grab something frozen to heat up. Please stop doing this. The ingredients in those frozen meals are slowly killing you.  By planning out your meals and snacks you will get a chance to look over the ingredients in your recipes and decide if they are “clean” or just processed/chemicalized junk.

Tip #4: Nothing White

When it comes to food, white is synonymous with refined, processed, enriched, etc. That means all those good nutrients have been wiped out of your food item so that it looks pleasing to the eye. Again, read those ingredient lists.  You want flours and items made with flours to say unenriched or 100% whole wheat flour.  If it says enriched put it back.

Tip #5: No Alcohol (so some say)

This one is a bit different depending on what “clean eating authority” you subscribe to. Some say that some wines, hard liquors, and beers that are not chemicalized and don’t have sugars added to them are okay. Others say no alcohol at all. The jury is still out on this one, so all I can say is this…Alcohol is just empty calories, so drink wisely and with moderation. And yes, I still have a drink here and there.

Tip #6:  Your Clean Eating Budget

Somewhere along the lines produce was the cheapest thing to buy in the grocery store.  Sadly this is no longer the case.  Like you, I freak out when I see that a small pack of blueberries costs $5.97!  So, what to do…First, focus on eating produce that is “in season.” That is where your cheapest items will be.  Second, if available, shop at farmers markets.  There you will find fresh produce that costs so much less than the grocery store.  Third, buy in bulk if you can, because it is cheaper.  Then make large meals for the freezer.  Fourth, bake your own bread.  You will save a butt load of money by doing this.  I know you are rolling your eyes at me, and saying, “When do I have time for that!?!”.  There is time, and I know you will find it.  The cost of 100% whole wheat bread in stores is ridiculous!  I make our own for about $0.32 a loaf!  My bread maker paid for itself in less than 6 months.  Finally, as I said earlier, make your meals from scratch and plan them out for the week.

Tip #7: Take your time and be patient.

Take your time to adjust to this new style of eating.  It is about taking baby steps to begin with.  Start off by trying to branch out once or twice a week with a new recipe that uses whole foods to create a “clean” or healthy meal.  This way you don’t feel so much pressure to begin with.

Now, I know what it is like to pace the house at night wanting something sweet or salty that is totally bad for you.  Instead, when you feel like splurging look at your recipes or find some on Pinterest.  Most recipes can be converted into “clean eating” recipes.  That means you get to keep those special treats in your lives!  No one has taken my chocolate cake from me!  Instead, I make a “clean” version that tastes great and fills my sweet tooth (remember to eat in moderation).  I’ve also made clean baked doughnuts too! I’m still working on a “clean” watermelon martini recipe Winking smile

Tip #8:  Clean Eating = Nutrient Dense Foods

Your favorite grocery store is packed with all sorts of junk foods – some more obvious than others. Know that most often the simpler the list of ingredients, the better the food.  Make sure the simple foods you choose are also nutritious.  Remember, choose simple nutrient-rich, unprocessed ingredients.

There are a ton of great books, magazines, cook books, blogs, etc. all dedicated to clean eating. Please check them out and do your own research too. After all, it is your life and you are in control of it! Here are some of my favorite blogs on clean eating:

Workout Wednesday

It is still Wednesday, and that means Workout Wednesday!  Today’s workout is a 30 Minute Treadmill Interval I did last week.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I was sweating with this one in no time!  Remember to stretch afterwards!

30 Mintue Treadmill Interval

Funny Saturday

I saw this picture this morning and just busted out laughing!  Actually I’m still laughing.  The sad part is that it is true.  This year Target put out their outdoor Christmas decorations at the same time the put out their Halloween decorations!  How screwed up is that?  All of it is in the name of money too!  Oh well!

After I found this funny cartoon I went in search of more! There is also a 40 Minute Treadmill Workout that alternates between speed and hills at the end of this post.  You will love it!  Enjoy!


blind farmer



40 Minute Treadmill Interval

40 Min Treadmill Intervals


Today is the big Skype day with Jenna Blum, author of Those Who Save Us!!  I have been spending my morning in the kitchen making food for our book clubs meeting and Skype session.  The cannoli’s (recipe to be posted tomorrow) are made, the coffee cake is in the oven, and the honey beer bread is cooling.  Of course, there will be other munchies too!  Now all I have to do is pick out an outfit to wear, and I’ve been staring at my closet for awhile now with no idea what I’m going to wear.  Arg!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to see how our Skype session went with Ms. Blum and if I can find something to wear that does not involve yoga pants!!!

Well, I still have a workout to fit in, so I’m going to head on downstairs and do Workout A from Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.  I’m totally loving the workouts she comes up for us.  In only a few weeks I’ve already gone up in the weights I use, and I’m really starting to see some nice looking muscles popping in my arms and shoulders again!!

Here is a 35 Minute Treadmill Workout that focuses on speed and increasing your endurance.  It is a favorite of mine!

35 Minute Treadmill Workout

20 Minute Treadmill Workout and a Great Discovery

I have discovered something truly wonderful!  It is sweet and creamy and becoming a new addiction.  My new wonderful discovery is…drum roll please…Biscoff Spread! If you love peanut butter and cannot live without Nutella, then Biscoff Spread will have you in heaven in no time flat. This sweet spread is made from those wonderful cookies they used to give you on all your flights.


I came across this wonderful spread when looking for apple oatmeal recipes. A woman was adding this spread to her oatmeal in the morning. Well, I didn’t know these wonderful cookies were turned into a spread, so I went to Amazon and ordered myself some.  If you live in bigger cities and towns you will be able to find this at your local grocery store and Walmart.

Now, I have a wonderful friend who loves the Biscoff cookies you get on your flights, so I waited to open the jar and sample the goodness until she was able to come over and try it with me. Well, it was all we could do not to dive into that jar like a couple of pigs with our spoons. She immediately ordered some for herself too! As for me, well, we are on our second jar.

I’ve been racking my brains with ways to bake with this spread, and I’ve come up with two of my own recipes.  Pumpkin Spice Muddie Buddies and Biscoff Apple Streusel Muffins.  I’ll be making the Muddie Buddies today after the gym, so keep an eye out for the recipe!

On to the workout for today!

Today is another cold dreary day, and I hate days like this.  They make you feel so unmotivated to do anything.  Thankfully I’m teaching cycling at the gym today, so there will be no slacking off for me today.  I’m only teaching a 30 Minute Cycle Express class today, so I’m going to want to do a bit more cardio afterwards, so I’ll head upstairs to the treadmills and do a 20 Minute Treadmill Workout.  This workout is designed to kick those butt muscles in gear and get rid of that pesky fat back there tooSmile.  You will stay at a consistent fast walking pace the whole time while climbing some hills.  The time will fly by on this one.  Trust me.

20 Minute Glute Treadmill Workout

30 Minute Interval Zombie Treadmill Run!

This year I was unable to do the Run for Your Lives Zombie 5K Run.  I absolutely love this race and obstacle course.  If you have never done it, I highly recommend you sign up for the one nearest you!  This race is a ton of fun, and even more fun if you do it with a group of friends (unless your one friend throws you into a zombie in order to save herselfSmile).

At the beginning of this fun filled race you are given a belt with flags on it…just like in flag football.  Your goal is to make it through the race with at least one flag left.  The zombies will try to take your flags throughout the race, but there are “health bonuses” throughout the course with more flags for you to pick-up.  There are also optional obstacle courses for you to do if you would like (be prepared to get muddy if you do).  At the end you will receive a medal based on if you are “alive” or if you have joined the “undead.”  Trust me when I say this is a race you must do.  You will find yourself laughing and shrieking the whole way through.  Plus there is a great party with vendors, food, and drinks after the race!  I know for a fact that I will be at the one in Minnesota next year with at least one friend, and I’m really excited about doing this race again!

In the meantime, I’ve come up with an interval treadmill run based on my experiences at my previous Run for Your Lives Zombie 5K Run.  First, you start out walking and looking around.  Then, you hear something, so you start jogging.  Finally, a zombie is coming for you, so you take off sprinting.  This should burn quite a few calories off your bum and you could do it on an elliptical too!  Enjoy!

Zombie Treadmill Run 2

Treadmill Fun!

Here is another great treadmill workout.  It is a great interval pyramid that is guaranteed to make your time on the treadmill fly by!  Personally, I’m a big fan of pyramids.  This interval will take you up in speed and then bring you back down with one big burst of speed at the end.  You will be sweating and burning those calories away!

30 Minute Treadmill Interval Workout