The Furbutts


No house is complete without a dog…or in our case a trio of dogs!  Lady, Hank, and Tilly are the crazy furbutt trio that makes up our home.

My husband adopted Lady, 5-year-old yellow lab, when she was 9 months old.  Imagine my surprise when my husband came home from a training in Tallahassee with a dog while I was in between surgeries after my initial mastectomy.  Well, as you can imagine I was livid.  However, Lady found her way into my heart very quickly.  After having her in our home for only two weeks she became our protector and my husbands hunting partner.  Lady began working her way into my heart by protecting our son (2 years old at the time).  She would follow behind him while he would walk down the sidewalk or ride his tricycle.  Lady solidified my love for her after my reconstruction surgery (second surgery after mastectomy).  My surgery was outpatient, so my husband brought me home from the hospital and I went right back to sleep (I barely remember coming home).  I woke up, in the dark, and no one was home.  Well, I had to go pee really badly, and I was in too much pain to get myself up.  Lady came to my rescue.  She had been sleeping on the bed looking out for me the whole time.  This amazing girl came up, put her head under my shoulder and lifted me up into a sitting position, and then helped guide me to the bathroom and back to bed.  I truly believe our pets are our guardian angels.  I know Lady is ours:)

Did I mention she hates the cold as much as I do?  Lady loved nothing more in Florida than to lay in the sun when it was 90 degrees out.  I swear Lady gave me the middle finger when it snowed and she had to go outside to go to the bathroom.

Then there is Hank.  Hank is a 2-year-old French Brittany, and he has more energy than the Energizer Bunny on crack.  He is honestly the fastest thing in North Dakota (well, except for a jack rabbit…it is the only thing he has not caught yet).  This guy does not know how to stop moving, and after having him for over a year I really began to doubt whether he would ever really be a “pet” (thankfully Tilly came along and changed all that, but that is part of Tilly’s story).  However, he has calmed down quite a bit, and he now loves to curl up with us.

Hank is our pointer.  As soon as my husband found out that he would be moving to North Dakota (aka bird hunting paradise) I knew he would want a pointer.  So, rather than him showing up with another dog without any warning, I got online and did a ton of research, and we got Hank during our 2nd month in North Dakota, and he is such an amazing bird dog too.  However, he is they baby boy of the house and just has that way about him that makes you love him to death.

Hank is also my workout buddy/running trainer.  Anytime I need to really work on training for a race I take good old Hank out with me.  Hank does not know how to “walk”.  Hank only knows how to jog and run really fast.  I can go for a 3 mile run with him, and when we get back to the house he looks at me and then back at the road…Basically asking me why in the world aren’t we still on that road running.  Sometimes he will pull me passed our house and refuse to let me quit.  Talk about motivational!

Tilly is the baby and love bug of the house.  She has a butt load of energy too!  Tilly was my second foster dog.  Tilly came to us at 8 weeks old and became my little baby from the beginning.  She is 1/2 Golden Retriever, 1/4 Lab, and 1/4 Australian Shepard.  Needless to say, I adopted her after fostering her for only a few months.  Tilly also saved Hank from becoming ADD and Lady from being severely depressed.  I’ll explain…After moving to North Dakota Lady became depressed (can you blame her?).  She developed nervous licking habits and an obsessive water drinking problem.  Hank was a holy terror on wheels once he turned about 6 months old (destroyed my Dyson, 1 Christmas tree, all 30 Hallmark ornaments, and everything with a cord attached).  All that poor boy wanted was for Lady to play with him, and she never would.  Well, along comes Tilly.  Tilly and Hank became best buddies from day one, and Hank stopped destroying things.  Those two still play nonstop and curl up together when they are worn out.  And Lady…well, she came out of her depression and is now acting like a 5-year-old puppy herself.

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